You Or The Government – Who Is To Blame? The Call Of Freedom


By: Sean The Sheep

What Does The Easter Rising Mean To You?

For 100 years, Ireland and those who knew their true history and the events leading up to the creation of the passionate Sinn Fein Party will be wise to what you are about to read regarding our current Governments rights and reservations to reside in our Public Parliament Buildings ‘acting’ as the real Irish Government when in fact, they are all representatives of a provisional Government of the Free State, which is under the control of the Crown.

If you don’t believe this, then do your own research and you’ll come to the conclusion; the ‘Dail’  should be located in Mansion House. You will also notice that all of our national resources are sold out to foreign investors, while we the people get poorer and the establishment inclusive of the TD’s get rich on behalf of the sheeple who stand idle by.

What about Sinn Fein – Traditionally they are the only Irish Party, right?

Sinn Fein proclaim they want an ‘all Ireland Republic’, yet they participate in a Governing system which is under British influence, British Laws, and the control of the Crown. It remains to be seen what Sinn Fein will do if they get elected next year.  Rather than serving the Crown, and being a part of the Provisional Government whom reside in Dail Eireann (The ‘Royal’ Oireachtas located on Kildare Street Dublin.)

Do you have faith in Sinn Fein to put the power back in the hands of US – the people of Ireland, by providing us with a referendum to introduce Participatory Democracy Into the current political system? This would ultimately make TD’s accountable for their actions, and rid the system of the whip. This has people a little perplexed or maybe even confused as to what Sinn Fein represent while participating in a Provisional Government themselves… Only time will tell after the next elections.

Are you confused?

While many of you whom have allowed your minds to be poisoned by the lies peddled by the famous propaganda generators: RTE, TV3 and both established and tabloid news papers. You’ll find it hard to comprehend that we live in a dictatorship! And democracy is long lost on this Corrupt Self-Serving Government.

Almost every media provider in Ireland are set-up solely for the purpose and devotion to undermine the Irish People whenever there is an up-rise for public rebellion by organized protests at the gates of the “Dail”. Media are for the benefit of the ‘Royal Establishment’ and is used as a mechanism to keep you fooled and under their control.

Thus keeping the disadvantaged people out of media coverage, as the deprived get poorer and elaborately suffer.  emphasizing a glorious economy for the better-off while the disadvantaged fall through the cracks in the system. Now ask your self this, would this happen if you voted for a Participatory Democracy – where everyone is a winner?

That’s appalling. Why would our Government hide the truth?

Simple answer, they don’t. You do! By your own arrogance and acceptance of the system in place once you are provided for, you don’t care. And only when the system no longer works for you, only then you take to the streets to protest your anger with others.

But if you think back to the 90’s (begining of the boom), how many of us will openly admit in the comments that we have walked past a homeless person on O’Connell Bridge without a thought for them? – One of our own people, whom may have been just another Johnathan Corey – RIP

What have you learned throughout Ireland’s Austerity inflicted by every party of the Royal Establishment; which you; the voter, are responsible for voting in?

Lets not go back to far and lets look at the most recent imposed taxes which some of us protested against. Bin Tax – What TD running for elections swore we would win the campaign? Now ask yourself where is that TD now? Most likely in the Dail sitting on a hefty wage on behalf of the tax payer – You, and all because you bought the lies sold to you at the door.

Deceitful lies used to promote their own personal agenda as a self-serving parasite living off the hard working tax payer and low-level business man. Knowing full well that they will have no impact to change the already designed to be broken system of representative democracy. Don’t be a bloody idiot all your life and get realistic with the self-serving system causing destruction to our communities, friends, families and kids future.

Is the Water Campaign any different to the Bin Tax protests? Read this and you tell me.

It is a little bit, but only because more people are out protesting and only because they are also affected by Austerity. What’s a similar trend which looks all too familiar? Brendan Ogle sitting on TV3 talking the talk.

So without damaging the ongoing water campaign, only time will tell if the Independent TD’s, small parties, and Councillors who joined the Anti-Austerity campaign along with Brendan Ogle will likely promote themselves while praying on your reliance on them to bail us out of another unjust tax.

Fixing a broken system, and how can we pull together to do this?

You’ve been misled and robbed your whole life. Just take a look at the state of the tax policy’s in this country, and ask yourself why you are voting “representatives” to provide you with a representative democracy –

Aren’t we all capable of managing our own country with this system which is tried and proved reliable while putting the power back in the peoples hands, and making politicians accountable for their actions and corruption. The rules of a Participatory Democracy are created by referendums for the people by the people.

What should we look for in an election?

Nothing. Independents have very little power in their one man army. All political parties are corrupt, and they can not be trusted with another chanced election. Revoke the establishments powers and take your parliament back peacefully or by force if you get no compliance and enforced resistance from the corrupt Gardai whom work for the Crown.

So what are our options now?

1) Vote the same old parties and expect no change.

2) Vote 1yi Info here:

3) Vote Direct Democracy:

Grow a pair, revolt now while we are in our numbers. There is no such thing as winning peacefully. And no Government won a war without firing a gun. So they can’t preach about violence on the streets after hundreds of anti-austerity protests.

Take your pick!

Loyalty to the Irish Republican Brotherhood and the fighters who died for mine and your freedom in 1916, and how to honor them?

The British have extorted the world of nations tenfold for years on-end, just like they did back in the Eighteen and Nineteen hundreds from the days of the IRB, (Irish Republican Brotherhood) to members of the divided republicans and political parties – the traitors who have misled the Irish people since 1919, also in the 30’s and 40’s.

The truth of our history and who Governs us is a lie. And how history has been manipulated over the years has been manipulated by those who sit in the ivory tower, with their family relatives as directors of the state broadcaster. If this is how you want to commemorate and remember those of the 1916 Easter rising, then I too am ashamed to admit you are Irish. We shall go down fighting together!?