World Wide Shame On The Irish Media For Ignoring Child Abuse


By Lurleen Hillard

On Monday of this week May 27th 2015 the Media World wide exploded with fury, distress and ultimately great satisfaction in the knowledge that a little baby boy in the Philippines had been rescued from his life of abuse. He was been led on a lead with a dog collar on him, naked and also eating food out of a bowl on the ground.You can see from the image below as to why I and so many others where horrified at this sick depraved level of abuse. Since the story has broken it went Viral and I have had links sent to me from the four corners of the world, and literally every country that you can think of in between Except Ireland. Interview requests for Radio, TV, Newspapers & Online have been flooding in again from all across the globe Except Ireland, my home country.

The location of this little baby boy and his subsequent rescue less than 12 hours after I was notified of these images was only made possible  by the urgent response that I got from some friends in  Law Enforcement in the USA. I had asked them for the relevant contacts in the Philippines and not only did they forward them to me but they also contacted them directly.. This ultimately helped to ensure that this little baby aged just 18 months old was put into immediate care and the mom arrested. Here is one of the many links on this story that you will find on the Internet.

Opposing News Website :

In Ireland it is literally nearly a crime to have a voice for Victims of Abuse and in particular any form of Child Abuse as the Media are petrified to speak out about it, or to share articles like the rest of the world. Last week we had the Huge Referendum on Allowing Same Sex Marriages and thanks to the publicity and the voices from, people such as Panti Bliss and other Advocates for this cause not only was the vote an overwhelming success, but the World Media has put Ireland in the Spotlight for speaking up for the voiceless in our society however not when it comes to Child Abuse.

Dennis O Brien has Ireland as a Communist Country, he is so full of his own importance that he thinks and to date has been able to control what and who prints articles in the Irish Media. He successfully has silenced nearly all off the Media Outlet’s in Ireland who spoke out about him ever, he did this by going to court and getting an injunction.. This has had a knock on effect so that now more so then ever the Media in Ireland are beyond Petrified to report or write on any of the stories that should be known and spoken about. If you stay silent and Refuse to print or speak out on air about Abuse then you are helping to Enable this abuse to continue. Don’t allow the ignorant minds of people like Dennis O Brien who because he is wealthy and has control over a large amount of Newspapers & Media outlets  in Ireland but not all of them, that he can silence the voices of those of us who the World wants to hear as the World know’s we can and clearly as seen this week we do  make a difference.

How Ashamed I am to be Irish as when I have people that I have never known, and from parts of the world that are considered underdeveloped contacting me and congratulating me on the success of rescuing this baby from half way across the world, then that to me is something that the Irish Media should be utilizing as a stepping stone to show what can be done if people and organizations work together and combine efforts to make a change when it comes to abuse. But when you have tyrants that run and manage what is put to print or on air, then that mean’s that Ireland is not a Democracy as we think it is becoming more and more of a Dictatorship and I for one won’t be silenced by ignorance.

Since this story has  gone Viral and is now also trending we at Nolonger Victims have already opened up an Online Support Branch for the people of the Philippines and will be opening up in at least 10 more countries by the end of next week. That on top of our 35 Branches across the USA means that Nolonger Victims & Lurleen Hilliard is one of the fastest growing Advocacy’s in the world, yet it still isn’t good enough for the Media in Ireland to report on. When you consider that all of this work and dedication is done by volunteers can you just imagine what we could do if we have the backing of extremely wealthy people like Mr Dennis O Brien. As instead of stopping the real stories getting to the people of Ireland he should be asking himself as to why Irish People have a serious issue with him and want to expose his hidden secrets. We at Nolonger Victims now intend to set up physical branches in countries around the world as if we can do all of this work without funding and through contacts then on the ground we will change lives forever.

One Radio Station  called ” Today FM ” actually called me last Tuesday Morning very early and asked me to hold off on doing any Irish Interviews until after 10 am that morning for an exclusive. I agreed after speaking to them for sometime. However 10 am came and 10 am went and when they did call they said Thank You but No Thank You as we have spoken enough about abuse this morning, when they spoke on air about wanting to make Slapping a Child a Criminal Offense. It really is ashame that this Producer is ignorant to what actual Child Abuse is and how unprofessional it is to ask somebody to hold off on an exclusive to just cancel after the fact. Simply not good enough

Next Year Nolonger Victims will be working with an organization in the US called Broken Wings where we will be directly helping Veteran’s with all abuse issues as well as homelessness and have a office on site. Considering the Insult to me and my team at Nolonger Victims and the Arrogance shown to us by the Media in Ireland I have finally decided on something that I have been contemplating for sometime now and that is that I am going to leave Ireland and allow other countries that not just want my expertise and help but are not too proud to ask for it. The USA, Australia, Northern Europe are some of my considerations Any countries that want and or need my help in relation to any issues of Abuse, please contact me and if I don’t already have a Branch of Nolonger Victims in your location I will set one up for you without delay.

Irish Media Needs to Wake Up and realize that Abuse won’t go away – Abuse won’t stop and Abuse will simply escalate even if you ignore it. I would like to Thank two reporters in Ireland  who decided to ignore the arrogance of others. I want to thank Garreth  MacNamee in the Irish Mirror and Yolanda Yaw who interviewed me for the Irish Daily Mail but the Editor chose not to run it as it clearly isn’t conventional enough for him., She did however run this story in for which I am thankful.

I would like to sincerely Thank the worlds Media for speaking out about abuse, not just about this little boy but  for now making his voice heard and all the other children who are suffering in silence. I have had so many images, video’s and details sent to me in relation to more abused babies in the Philippines and worldwide that it is beyond believe to say the least. Currently we are  working on the location and the rescue of another younger baby and we hope with the help of another organization whom I will mention after the fact to be able to do this next week.

Shame Ireland by sharing and letting them know that the day’s of hiding abuse are over and I have a voice and I will use that voice even if Dennis O Brien and his little puppet’s in the Media Outlet’s in Ireland are too scared to allow my voice to be heard or printed. I am not a puppet and I and my entire Global Team in Nolonger Victims will continue to help all those that need it. Yet one huge problem in Ireland is the level of abuse, but the Government don’t want the world to know about it as they are scared that you won’t visit on vacation.As they see $$$$  signs just like their puppet master Mr Dennis O Brien.

Anybody wishing to contact me directly please do so via my email and or the Media Director for Nolonger Victims – Mr Fintan Cullen at or on Skype at Fintan.cullen4. Again I would sincerely like to say Thank You to all that have helped to make this baby’s plight known and his voice heard and please don’t stop now,keep speaking out and making a difference. One voice really can mean the difference between a life as a child free from abuse or one as a statistic in our world as a victim of Child Abuse.

Speak Out – Reach Out – Get Out  Three phrases that we at Nolonger Victims use and stand by. Please help us to help those that are voiceless right now across the world. One voice can cause a ripple, hundreds a wave but thousands can cause a Tsunami that will make change not just a dream but a reality for those suffering in silence. Be that voice

Lurleen Hilliard

Nolonger Victims