By Robbie Dunn
According to some media reports there is supposed to be a surge in popularity for Fianna Gael and Labor. They are the most hated politicians in Irish history so how could this be. Is it because they know there will be a SURPRISE result. Ireland a country with incredible people and resources and placed it into a near bankrupt state with mass unemployment and emigration. Why has this happened? one word will do CORRUPTION by politicians courts and Gardai.

Even the cover up of the Dublin/Monaghan bombing in 1974 33 people lost their lives 258 injured and the inquiry disbanded by Fianna Gael and Labor WHY? and this is only one cover up and it involves mass murder. Check it out yourself
Irish water is a SCAM everyone knows that see Stephen Donnelly’s TD video on YOU TUBE

Well we all know the Gardai have covered up crime and corruption for the last 90 years see [justice4allireland] and who will be guarding the ballot boxes yeah that’s right the Gardai.

The media is also playing a major role in all this the bias of RTE is obvious to everyone the misreporting by the other media the press TV and Radio stands out like a sore thumb keep people in ignorance you can control them tell them lies and bullshit.

So we will need international observers to check and guard the ballot boxes from the crooks who have committed treason and covered up the crimes by politicians Catholic church bankers and various other crooks against the Irish people and even at that I will surprised if so of the ballots are not rigged because this is what they have done for the last 90 years .

Its time for change time for the Irish people to take charge of their country and break the cycle of political corruption which has dogged Ireland since the foundation of the state.