Will President Higgins Practice What He Once Preached And Refuse To Sign

Water services

By Alan Lawes

The Water Services Bill is now in front of President Higgins awaiting his signature. A Bill to which hundreds of thousands of people expressed their opposition to on the streets all over the country.

When you watch this video you will hear President Higgins express in the strongest possible terms his opposition to companies whether they be Irish or foreign acting outside the law and trampling on peoples rights. He also goes on to express the view in his own words that “the resources of Ireland belong to the Irish people”

I would ask President Higgins was Denis O’Brien acting outside the Law?;

1. When his company Digicel was found by the Moriarty Tribunal to have won the second mobile phone licence illegally.

2. When his company GMC Sierra won the contract to install Water Meters for Irish Water even though they did not have a Tax Clearance certificate which is a mandatory requirement for all public contracts.

3. When he bought the company Siteserv which supply Water Meters to Irish Water from a state owned Bank for a discounted price at Tax Payers expense.

If the answer to any of the questions above is yes President Higgins should refuse to sign the Bill.

President Higgins is also aware that both Irish Water with and the Gardai are forcing Water Meters on members of the public who clearly don’t want them trampling on the rights of people to protest and protect their families and their property.

And most importantly President Higgins in the video clearly expresses his view and mine that “the resources of Ireland belong to the Irish people” and with that being the case it would be unconstitutional for “Water” a resource belonging to the people to ever be privatized.

So President Higgins action is now required from you rather than words, on behalf of the Irish people “Refuse to sign the Bill into Law.