Why stop water meters ? Our natural resources belong to the people

Stop Irish Water

By Derek Byrne

I was asked to do a video for a group on why it is important to stop water meter installations so they can get the message across in their area. Unfortunately I am unable as I am working.
So I said I would do a small write up. I am currently using my friend and fellow detainee ollie as our model

Why stop water meters ?

The answer is quite simple. “PRIVATISATION” The water meters are how IrishWater intend on gathering it’s revenue streams. The climbdown by the Government regards charges is only till 2019. After that they will resort to metered charges. You won’t be getting bills of €60 or €160 ,they will rocket and then you will be hit with price increases etc etc. Bills will be eventually be over €1000 a year.

As the revenue streams come in and they fix up the pipes etc the company will be sold to People like Denis O’Brien who will use it as a cash cow. The Government have been given every chance to put the issue beyond debate by giving us a referendum to say our water can never be privatised. They refused and offered us a plebiscite which still ensures IrishWater can be sold off.

Political parties will keep pushing the Non payment will bring Irish Water down. It won’t They will tell you water charges were defeated before by non payment. It wasn’t it was merely postponed, hence why we are now fighting the issue once again.
Since water charges were postponed in the 90’s Dublin corporation has been installing the Boundary boxes which hold the meters ever since.
This decision on charging us for water was not made in the last few years by the Troika as has been claimed. It has been in the pipeline (pardon the pun) since we joined the EU.
It is all part of the privatisation of our natural resources to ensure big businesses can buy our assets for next to nothing and charge us for their use.

This country has an abundance of water and if treated properly we could be exporting it for profit and create an indigenous industry that would supply many jobs.
Stopping the meters will ensure it can never be sold to private enterprise. The 1.2 billion paid from our taxes is more than enough to pay to fix the pipes. The wastage of taxpayers money within the service needs to be identified and stopped and the issue of privatisation needs to put to bed. Our natural resources belong to the people of this country and are not for sale.