Why fund The Hub – Ireland


The Hub is there to lend a hand to anyone in mortgage difficulties; we are a non-profit organisation that relies on donations. Our ethos has always been “how can you charge someone that is in fear of loosing their home and are at the lowest ebb of their lives”.

We are looking to raise enough money to have a fund available to those who are in the courts with their banks; specifically, those that have an eviction orders against the family home and are unable to afford the court fees to file an appeal.
The Hub would either fund their cause or loan the money to put in the necessary paperwork to file an appeal to whatever court is necessary and if need be: end up in the European Courts.
The cost of filing an appeal in the High Court is €65.00 for a notice, €20.00 for the affidavit and €10.00 to swear the affidavit, then 3 books of appeal and the production of which is around €120.00. The appeal itself is then €250.00, most people fighting eviction have no means of obtaining such cash and that’s why we would like a fund to help those in need.