Why do we allow a tax exile dictate our Democracy


By The National Citizens Movement

Are the Irish people and all the political establishment apart from Catherine Murphy going to stand by and allow one man Denis O’Brien, own and control our democracy just because he has the biggest bank account, and has friends in both Fine Gael and Fianna Fail and has somehow managed to spread collective Alzheimer’s amongst every single member of the Labour Party who “once upon a time” complained about his larger than large media ownership in Ireland.

Was this the type of democracy that was envisaged by the leaders of the 1916 rising? I very much doubt it.

Do we want to end up like it was in the UK? With each potential Prime Minister running to Rupert Murdocks door before each election to curry favor with his media empire begging him to help them win?

It took the Levison Inquiry and the phone tap scandal to eventually sub-due Murdock and wrench his control back a little but not totally.


But here in Ireland have we passed the point of no return? Not only has Denis used his power to stop RTE reporting what goes on in the country’s parliament but also we know of Denis O’Brien’s well known relationship with Fine Gael stretching back to Michael Lowrey. But now he also has past Prime Ministers of Ireland (Taoiseach) working for him in the shape of Brian Cowan.

Not even Ruport Murdock tried to do gain influence in that way, maybe he thought quite rightly that the British people would not stand for it?

But then why are we the Irish people standing for it?
Why do we allow a tax exile dictate our Democracy and dictate what we even talk about in the Irish Parliament?

The people of Ireland need to rise up and get rid of this mans unwelcome influence over nearly every aspect of Irish life.