By Liam Deegan

Now that the Denis O’Brien’s murky dealings with the IBRC are in the spotlight, it has come to threat time. O’Brien is pulling out all of the stops to ensure that no one other than the people protecting him (KPMG, Dukes and of course the government) are equally protected. What O’Brien is trying to do is to not only destroy the last vestiges of democracy and free speech but his threats against Catherine Murphy is not just leaned against her personally but it is a threat against us all.

O’Brien signed away the right to have a say in anything that goes on in this country when he refused to pay his share of taxes and became a tax exile in order to avoid paying a red cent to the system that made him his billions and furthermore he signed away the right to be protected under the constitution when he made a very overt threat to the very constitution that he seeks to overturn.

This government has waited hand and foot on O’Brien and protected him at every turn hence no recall of the Dail to what is arguably the biggest threat to our constitution since the inception of the state.

So what is the next move for O’Brien? He has no recourse in the courts here as Catherine Murphy is covered by Dail privilege and no injunction can overturn that fact regardless of the threats and blustering coming from O’Brien. However he does have recourse to one area that he will be backed to the hilt (by the government) which is an appeal to the European Court of Human Rights. O’Brien will claim that his human rights as a citizen have been breached and it is likely that he may win that case as the ECHR is planted with politically appointed judges and then it’s game over for democracy in Ireland.

Not only does O’Brien have a lot to lose if it doesn’t go his way but certain members of government also have a lot to lose because they are deeply embroiled in quagmire that was Anglo Irish Bank and subsequently the IBRC and that is why O’Brien cannot afford to lose this battle. The government’s job is to ensure that his “human rights” will be protected to the fullest extent and that your democratic and constitutional rights will be stamped into the ground.

Just ask any anti water meter protesters who were arrested and dragged into the back of a Garda van how democratic that action by the state was !


Democracy in Ireland is at T junction in which the O’Brien juggernaut is coming from one direction and the government’s juggernaut is coming from the other direction leaving democracy with little choice but sit there in fear for its future existence.

This scenario was foretold by people with vision who were laughed at and called conspiracy theorists, clowns and fools and now it is coming to pass and the laughing is about to stop when the result of this hits their freedom and rights only to find that none exist save what the state allows you to have.

This is more than Denis O’Brien’s rights to use and abuse a system that he refuses to pay for… This is game over for Ireland if he gets his way !