By Liam Deegan

I was given sight of a document that puts the lives of anti-water protesters at risk of serious injury or death, and no one in the department that is responsible for the lives or safety of the public where the workplace is concerned. I won’t show the document or where it devolved from but safe to say the source is extremely credible as are all of my sources.

We all know that Irish Water are operating in what is termed a workplace when installing meters but no one is going to punish them when you or your child gets scalded in the shower by them turning up unannounced at 6am and switching off the water supply as an example.

In what is considered to be serious breaches of the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005 and subordinate regulations by Irish Water and their contractors, The body charged with the responsibility as an enforcement agency has said and I quote this directly from their Information Officer ” that safety issues and breaches of the 2005 Act by Irish Water were NOT the concern of the Health & Safety Authority”!!

**Yes, you read that right, The Health & Safety Authority will accept “NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANYTHING” that Irish Water and their contractors do!**

Under Chapter 2 of the 2005 Act The Health & Safety Authority are named as the enforcement agency, so why are they not carrying out their legal obligation where Irish Water is concerned?

Is it any wonder that when Irish Water contractors turn up on a street and are asked to produce the documents that are legally required in order for them to start work, they ignore the requests and do so with confidence and a smug smile, safe in the knowledge that the HSA will back them up, and not serve the public that they are meant to protect from illegal and dangerous work practices and procedures?

I will always ask who in authority has the power to compel a state agency to ignore the law and put people’s lives at risk? Perhaps the death of an innocent individual will be the only way to answer that question but in the interim perhaps the minister in charge, Richard Bruton TD would like to answer the accusation?