Who elected these criminals to run our country anyway ?


By Mag Fhionn

Un-elected bureaucrats to whom our elected representatives are sub-servant to those who secretly run the nation as they see fit through the financial system.

Its time the people of Ireland began putting the pressure on politicians here in Ireland for a referendum on leaving the EU as we were told it would benefit the nation tremendously through trade but has failed to benefit the nation and the people in every way. In fact it has cost the average man woman and child millions in debt to be a part of the EU. The average person has seen a drastic raise in the taxes paid across the board and the loss of our National resources that would stagger the mind of any financial book keeper.

We were made vote on the issue of joining the EU criminal system no less then three times and once they got the outcome and vote they wanted it was forgotten. Why cant we as people now rise up and demand our God given right to re-vote on the Euro system and let the people who are now much better informed as to what joining or leaving the EU has to gain or lose for the average man, woman and child here in Ireland.

Its time we started to look to better the nation for everyone and root out the criminals in the system who only seek to benefit a few at the top. People have woken up to the systematic destruction of the political system and now seek to vote in the best persons for the job here in Ireland, both young and old have begun to take interest in the political system here in Ireland like never before in history because of the lack of politicians keeping to their promises while running for election and the lack of compassion within the political establishment for the average person who elected these representatives on false pretense and false promises.

The EU mainly run through the IMF and ECB have un-elected bureaucrats at the top of the system that has the power to force any government to bow to their agenda and as un-elected representatives they should not have this power as we were never informed on how the system works to begin with before voting for the system that now has control of our nation…