Where is the dissolution order for the Republic of Ireland of 1919 from the people of Ireland?


By Barry Fitzgerald

There seems to be the perpetual discussion re: bona fides of 1922, 1937 or 1919 constitutions.

For me it is much simpler. On 21/1/19 all four facets of modern statehood as per later 1933 montevideo convention were met in the Mansion house, being;

1. permanent population…

2.defined territory

3. government (73/105 seats won) 

4. capacity to enter into relations with other states.

If a lawful dejure Republic was not being declared in Dublin on that date the British troops would have stormed the mansion house to arrest one and all for treason against the Kingdom of Ireland, which meant death as per Easter 1916.

Instead on that day we got the assassination of two police officers in soloheadbeg co. Tipp (false flag/lads enticed to do it?) this then became the pretext for the ‘War of/for Independence’. it was no such thing.

It was an unlawful war on foreign soil as per declaration of the will of the people in Dublin on 21/1/19. the Irish lads in Tipp should have been tried for murder, not the whole British army starting a war against Ireland. so it is not the 1919 constitution ( a doc. written later) that is the important thing.

It is that a Republic stood declared by the will of the people and it still stands declared, merely in abeyance….constitutions then being merely the rules of whatever State standing established…

All actions post that declaration by the British in Ireland have to be unlawful, starting with the Government of Ireland Act, 1920 which ultimately evolved into the third Dail; i.e. the successor to all parliaments since…..and the King declaring the Republic was illegal is fine…

It is illegal or alien to his unlawful claim over Ireland as per the Crown Of Ireland Act, 1542….wherein it states the King and his successors shall be Kings of Ireland forever.(not repealed as of 2017)..a claim which in turn stemmed from the Lordship of Ireland, which in turn stemmed from Laudabiliter a known forgery…..

Anyone stating the 37 constitution trumps all needs to produce the lawful will/order of the collective people of ireland in dissolving the Republic of Ireland of 1919…but of course there is no such order…..of course i ‘get’ the concept of removing consent via registration so no need to ‘educate’ me as to same….but where is the dissolution order for the Republic of Ireland 1919 from the people of Ireland?