When the protectors of the public don’t know the law, how protected are they from you?

the law

By : Sean The Brave Sheep

We can all recall when we cried out for more Guardians of the peace (The Garda), at a time when drug dealing was at its highest in Ireland, and crime was uncontrollable, and journalists like Veronica Guerin were being executed by criminals for doing the work of the Gardaí, and the Criminal Assets Bureau. I am aware that CAB was setup after Veronica’s murder. But the only criminals CAB seem to go investigating are the criminals who are friendly with our corrupt Garda forces. The Viper, The Monk, John Gilligan to name a few. But why is our legal system so corrupt, and how many of you reading this article have fallen victim to the justice system in Ireland? Exactly…

But Why?

A fabricated creation of the entity:

The problem resides with the Government politicians and those appointed to the justice department whom might I add are responsible for setting up of the committees to appoint Garda commissioners, executive officers execrate. Such system would never be capable to police any fraud or deception at the higher political levels.

Providing limited powers:

Why CAB have no power to investigate the banking crisis responsible for enslaving our nation with an odious debt. Nor do they have the power to investigate the Blanket Guarantee; hence why it was handed over to a committee for ‘Questioning’, and not a criminal investigation. Since when are non policed investigations allowed to be investigated by the justice department? Smelly stuff indeed, right?

Questioning the powers of the establishment:

As you take a look at the above video, you will identify that the ‘acting’ officers do not recall their oath or what it means. Nor do they know the wording to any of the ‘sections’ of the laws which they quote to civilians. So one must question how on earth are these Police Officers passing the IQ tests in the Garda recruitment training centres’, when they have no recollection of the wording to the exact acts they claim to be enforcing?

Bad training? Hired security wearing a borrowed uniform? Are they human (they don’t act like it)? Are they robots (They have the emotions of one)? Dam, they sure act like all of the above in that video and in my opinion.

What kind of police force does not know the law of the land, and the laws enacted by them, enforced by the Royal Oireachtas? How can you rely on a police force whom have no recollection of the law of society, so how on earth can they protect you? If a poorly trained police force does not understand their oath of office in order to stand-over the protection of your human rights?

Keep in mind, these are servants to you – the state, you are the state. It is not the other way round. If members of the Gardaí are incapable of serving the public legally and lawfully, then they are in breach of their oath of office and shall be disbanded by the people of Ireland and not recognized as the Guardians of Ireland since they work for the Crown while employed by the Royal Oireachtas. This further contradicts the authority of the courts of this land too. Since they operate under the sovereign seal, ‘acting’ judges are committing treason as are the deceptive Gardaí.

Lastly, who on earth is going to trust a police force who confiscate seized drugs
and sell them back to the Drug Lords. Only later to bust the drug barons by using CAB as a collecting agency to repossess suspected criminals of any valuables they’ve inherited. Is our police force really that dirty? It’s really no wonder Journalism has died in Ireland since Veronica’s death on June 26th, 1996. Since Veronica was one of a kind, and journalists of today haven’t the courage to challenge stories of Garda corruption and incompetence within its force.

Respect to the very few journalists who exploit this system for what it is. See some verified statements below.

Garda are drug dealers: http://www.irishtimes.com/news/crime-and-law/mick-wallace-claims-garda%C3%AD-involved-in-drugs-trade-1.2034029

Garda suspended for dealing in cocaine: http://www.independent.ie/irish-news/second-garda-quizzed-over-drugdealer-links-26645723.html

Garda covered up RTE teams drug addiction and protected their drug dealer: http://www.joe.ie/uncategorized/gardai-protect-drug-dealer-who-does-half-his-trade-with-rte/13307

GSOC feared bug after Garda slip-up:

Miss-use of Garda resources wasted on Irish Water increases Kids involvement with Drugshttp://www.thejournal.ie/drugs-dublin-2-1946110-Feb2015/

Garda fraud and deception setups:

Now; next time you come into contact with the Police, remember to discharge them, or you too could be framed next. A call from the people of Ireland has already claimed corrupt courts and Garda stations are disbanded: