When Enda decided to flog Aer Lingus

Aer lingus sold

By Con ODomhnaill

With Fine Gael, what you see is what you get. Their policy is straightforward, straight out of Maggie Thatcher’s handbook – privatize, privatize, privatize, sell off state assets (preferably to friends of Fine Gael (like Dinny) ). The Labour Party however are a bit lost, like a ship without a sail or a plane without a rudder.

So when Enda decided to flog the national airline to raise a few bob for the reelection fund he needed to bring Joan on board the flight. But it wasn’t too hard. Joan knows the game is up anyway, and her gold plated pension is already secured. Some of her foot soldiers made noises, but The Gang of Eight soon became ONE. Enda’s €335 million drachmas swayed Joe C & The Socialists.

Enda appointed young gun Paschal Donohue to get the deal done. Captains Kavanagh & Walsh must have thought all their Christmas’s had come together.
Paschal actually ASKED Stephen Kavanagh and Aer Lingus management for advice. Eh … Paschal, we are so disappointed! Why did you not call in KPMG?

The pup was sold.

Stephen makes a handy €750,000, the managers hundreds of thousands.
The Aer Lingus workers have a very uncertain future. The Heathrow slots will disappear after a few years. Jokes will be told at parties about The B Share. The Irish traveling public will be fleeced once more. Look up it’s Aer London.

Ireland an island country without an airline, real clever lads.

Sale of the century
Sale of the century