What Will it Take?

broken promises 111

By John Fairclough

Here’s the freedom of which you demand,

Don’t overstep the mark, accept our command.

Every five years we’ll ask you to vote,

Your democratic voice is but a footnote.

Your opinion is sought, then totally ignored,

This freedom, illusion a government fraud.

With cunning deflection and huge obfuscation

They’ve managed to fool the whole Irish nation.

The usual parties shout “we were left with no choice”

It’s time we were give an alternative voice.

When the blinkers are lifted then the people may see,

That the only way forward is direct democracy.

Throw off the shackles of civil war leanings

Remove the restrictions and all the false ceilings.

When the people of Éire recapture their pride

There’ll be nowhere left for these traitors to hide.

What will it take for a nation to rise?

And rid us of governance we so despise.

Where are our Connolly’s and Pearse’s and all?

What will it take for this tyranny to fall?