What is it we defend, This is the promised land

The new promised land

By Ray Hall

When we think of a human person, we see a father/mother with their children around them, around their table, in a room in their home, they share food. Parents teach and nurture their children to grow and act with decency in society.

It is these human persons whom we defend and respect, these human persons and no other, all that belongs to them, their children, their house,their land, their work their labour. And we agree that these human persons have a right that their children’s future be assured, that their house be inviolable. That these people will not be obliged some day, in order to live, be the proletarian and slave of another.

We accept that their labour has a value, each hour they work is work X amount, that everyone has the right to live and participate in society. We accept they are entitled not to wear worn out shoes, torn clothing, poscess their own items such as a radio, TV, their own car and their own home if they so choose. That no man has the right to drive him out of their residence or the council house in which this family dwells.

These are what we call the rights of the human person, and the duty of the democratically elected government is nothing more than to ensure respect for these essential rights, and manage our country and resources well. These are the natural laws of the land. Our promised land.

However our government has been infiltrated and taken over by ultra elite corporate groups of radical right wingers and bankers associations who have also taken control of the media to manipulate how we think and act. Because only a fully developed propaganda bull horn shite machine could suffice the established elite’s “manipulation of voters” through damned lies, and marketing of a false pretense. Outright thought control techniques are now the norm in all countries. The parties are pre screened by these elite corporate groups and are presented to the voters as opposing parties and we get to vote for them in our fake democracy.

I present Fianna Fail and Fine Gael as proof beyond rational argument that there is no two party system, but one party, the party that rules.

As long as we vote for their hand picked patsies, they will allow us to have this fake democracy. Should people refuse to vote for them, and vote for non-party candidates who manage from time to time to get elected and oust the ruling party, the elites will create terror and enforce a shut down our democracy.

In a country where the corporate take over of media and the corporate take over of government is now complete. Only a fool believes that a real democracy exists in a country where there is none. In fact what we elect is a dictatorship and once empowered by the electorate this government will enforce the elite’s corporate agenda to the detriment of anyone and everyone under its rule.

This is the plan of the corporates in Europe and the US, and when the end result is attained. National differences will be little by little annihilated. International law will establish itself so much better than native law, that there will be no one left to defend native law,

Countries will only be administrative districts of a single Empire. From one end of the world to the other we will live under exact laws of a bastard population, a race of indefinable gloomy slaves, without genius, without instinct, without voice. without hope.

Corporate elites will reign in a hygienic world. They will transport us to their slave work, long lines of men without faces, and bring us back in the evening.. this is a task they have almost accomplished and when they do,

You will become a slave of the elite world, you yourself will be packaged and dehydrated, sold and used, you will be made to hear the voice of the universal conscience but it wont be your conscience , so shake the dirt from your peasant shoes, take your place in line slave, this land does not belong to you any more.

This is the promised land