Media Censorship Ireland

What is going on in Ireland?

How is one man allowed to have so much power over the establishment, the media, the judiciary, the Gardai and the Government?

How did it come to this?

What does he have over certain people?

When Mary-Lou McDonald revealed the names of people linked to the Ansbacher accounts scandal, the media had a field day with it.

Yet anything with Denis O’Brien mentioned in it such as the truth being revealed by Independent TD Catherine Murphy and they run and hide like scared little sheep! ..of course it’s no surprise when good ol’ Denis owns half the media in the country anyway.. no wonder the omerta kicks in! Not likely that anyone at Newstalk, the Independent, The Herald or Spin, or any of his other numerous media outlets are going to risk anything is there.. look what happened to Sam Smyth when he dared to speak up..

This is extremely disturbing and extremely serious.
It undermines every single principle of democracy and free speech.
Catherine Murphy, as an elected representative of the people, when speaking in the Dáil, is entitled under our constitution to Dáil Privilege.. without it, what hope do we as a people have of ever being allowed to hear the truth about anything.. and now, the media of this country is being forced to silence that truth by the power and influence of a single man.. just think about that for one moment.. the entire media of a country silenced by one man.. Russia? No. North Korea?No .. Ireland 2015.

Deeply worrying, and a situation that needs addressing very urgently from people who are not scared of Denis O’Brien and cannot be bought out by his money either.
Of course, while all this is going on, let’s not forget the facts.. Denis O’Brien was allowed an interest rate on his loans from IBRC of just 1.5% when all other debtors were forced to repay with an interest rate of 7.5%

1) Why?
2) Who decided this?
3) Who in Government was aware of this (IBRC was Govt owned!)?
4) How long have they known about it?
5) How long did this continue? – is it still continuing?
6) How much money has been lost to the people of this country as a result of this?

We don’t want censorship! We don’t want coverup after coverup, whitewash after whitewash! We don’t want media silence! We don’t want to live in a dictatorship owned by a billionaire!


And if this Government is too weak, too scared – or too involved! – to give us those answers they should get the hell out of office now and make way for a Government that will!