We don’t want to accuse the Taoiseach of lying.. but we will.

Enda and Noonan

By Abbeyfeale Against Water Charges

For any soccer fans out there, you might be mistaken in thinking you were listening to Arsene Wenger not Enda Kenny.. you know, the old “Didnt see the incident..” line when asked about anything.

Sadly, we’re talking about the head of the country here, who as An Taoiseach, takes ultimate responsibility for his Government – yet doesnt, apparently, because he sees nothing, hears nothing.. and then says nothing.. except when he’s mocking other elected memebers of the Dáil that is. Classy Enda. Very classy.
Now, Enda Kenny is also head of the Economic Management Council, an unelected, undemocratic, self-appointed private little club that seems to think it is entitled to act as a Government within a Government..

Also in this private little club are Brendan Howlin, Joan Burton and Michael Noonan, who as Finance Minister (and minister for sweeping Siteserv under the carpet), is also heavily involved in the Aer Lingus sale process.. yet we are expected to believe that neither of them saw the Aer Lingus report – on potential job losses as a result of the sale.. (we should all take a minute here to wash off the ‘FOOLS’ obviously written on our foreheads then..). It’s simply not credible. We don’t want to accuse the Taoiseach of lying.. but we will. Because there’s no other way to put it.. and if he’s not lying, then he’s simply not up to doing his job properly.