Vulture capitalists sights firmly set on Irish homes and business

vulture capitalists

By : Frank Devenny

We have a government overseeing a shameful immoral economic system that not only encourages the greedy to make money out of the distress of fellow citizens, make money from the most vulnerable people in our own community, it promotes these vulture captialists as the answer to our problems, coming here to help!

They don’t tell you that it is we the people who will pay for these vulture captialists to become even more wealthy, enriched on the blood and flesh of Irish who needed help.

What a perverse sense of community and nation.
Is this the American way we now have in Ireland? what amounts to dog, eat weaker dog, and social responsibility being viewed as a threat to ‘our’ supposed freedom.

What freedom?

The freedom for a few vultures to wallow and bathe in the misery of the many.

The freedom for us all to pay for greedy billionaires to influence economics and politics!
The freedom to cry as we watch our children being encouraged out of Ireland so these vultures can sweep up behind them.

Not content with half a billion profit from supposed failed banks! A scam that was funded by the Irish tax payer and their children’s children. The Irish Government allowed vulture captialists get away with the biggest ever bank robbery in Ireland, and now these vile creatures have set their sights on distressed family homes and distressed Irish business.

Incidentally, mainstream Irish media only recently started to wake up to the scam.

Heres a headline from the Indo published 10/06/2014
How US billionaire made €560m killing on Bank of Ireland

Guess who funded the vultures feast once again?

The Irish tax payers.

The Irish tax payers who are generally ignorant to what is going on!

Unfortunately enough of the Irish people like others, have bought into the lies, bought into the scam and some even believe these vulture captialists are actually helping Ireland in distress!

Vultures presented as benefactors!

Enough minor parasites in positions of influence have made themselves secure on the backs of vultures, will promote the idea of low life greedy evil blood sucking vultures as humming birds assisting life.

The Irish people as a collective have been made so scared by the bankers scams, so distressed at what happened to their communities, and like all humanity have short selective memories, they were blinkered and can not see what was and is still going on.

Vulture capitalists sights now firmily set Irish family homes & business 

Distressed assets they are coldly labelled!

The promoters of this immoral selfish greed cull, will have the selfish perverse nerve to present vulnerable Irish families and struggling Irish business as not deserving of our empathy or help.
These self interested uncaring greedy people will promote the idea of repossessions and take overs as not just being natural and economic sense, but inevitable.

They will shout ” why should the tax payer pay for this!”

They will encourage enough ignorance, promote enough people to only be able to sight in a tunnel vision, of short sighted selfish blind greed imagery,
They will present a image of resentment and begrudgery.

“Why should we pay for them” will be the rally call.

The Irish people will be encouraged to imagine that some others, people they may even know from their own community are receiving some undeserved benefit that we are all paying for.

What these low lives don’t shout about, won’t even tell you, and don’t tell you because they often have a selfish interest as a hobby landlord, is that
we the tax payers will still be paying for those who have their homes taken.

We will instead be funding their social housing. Fact!

And here’s the real evil scam of the vultures and those who not just allow them access to the bloody scene, but make sure they get presented as economic saviours!

The tax payers will be having to pay even more in this supposed natural economics!
And worse we will not own these homes we are paying for, or have them as assets that we can use for future people in need of social housing.

These homes will become the property of vultures, often foreign vultures, multi national PLC investment funds, who will hang onto them until the next time enough ordinary people are foolish and selfish enough to buy property at high prices, thinking they can’t go wrong. Being told by those with selfish interest they would be fools not to join in.

Remember when Bertie said this

Don’t forget his family were not forced by economic necessity out of Ireland to look for work and that he continues to do very well for himself talking Bullshit on behalf of the ‘markets’.

The vultures come in as saviours when the blind selfish fools become distressed.
Vulture merry go round.

All the while we will be subsidizing the wealth of a few vulture captialists, as we all will be helping to pay for their tenants monthly rents through social welfare.

As Boyle showed us in a topic from 2013

On a recent Channel 4 documentary it was revealed that the British taxpayers pay more than 3 times the cost to accommodate people with private landlords than they would in a council property.

The costs of placing social housing with private landlords is a scam

If only people realized they are personally paying for this!


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