Under investigation for Corruption


These are some of the people having a huge input into our finances, our economy, and our future as a sovereign nation. How can we expect to move forward as a nation when our government insists on doing business with alleged criminals such as these.

Christine Lagarde, Head of IMF – Under investigation for Corruption

Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Commision – Under investigation for Corruption

Cabinet Ministers for Margaret Thatchers’ Government – Under investigation for running a child sex ring; several key witnesses set to testify have turned up dead

Binyamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel – The subject of a mooted probe by the ICC into war crimes

George W. Bush Administration – Accused of cover up of both crimes against humanity perpetrated by CIA torturers overseas and of the involvement of the House of Saud in 9/11

…Has it dawned on anybody that maybe continuously putting criminals in charge and expecting them to not behave like criminals is insanity?