Unalienable Rights are the inherent, Sovereign, Natural Rights

We The people are sovereign

By Mag Fhionn

Unalienable Rights are the inherent, Sovereign, Natural Rights that existed before the creation of the state, and which, being antecedent to and above the state, can never be taken away, diminished, altered or levied by the state, except by due process of Law, nor can any Unalienable Right be fundementally removed or waived by contract, whether by non disclosure, which is fraud and unenforceable in Law, or knowingly by sufferance, which is contrary to the Spirit of Law and prejudicial to Sovereignty.

The Original, Permanent, Unalienable Rights of Every Man or Woman Include:

The Right to Life, Freedom, Health and Persuit of Happiness.

The Right to Contract or not to Contract which is unlimited.

The Right to earn a living, Income by being compensated with wages or a salary in a fair exchange for ones work.

The Right to travel in the ordinary course of ones life and business.

The Right to privacy and confidentiality, free from unwarranted invasion.

The Right to own and hold property , Lawfully without trespass.

The Right to self defence when threatened with harm, loss or deceit.

The Right to Due Process of Law with notice and opportunity to defend.

The Right to be presumed innocent, suffering no detention or arrest, No search or seizure, without reasonable cause.

The Right to remain silent when accused to avoid self incrimination.

The Right to equality in the eyes of the law and to equal representation.

The Right to trial by jury, being an impartial panel of ones peers.

The Right to appeal in law against conviction or sentence, or both.

The Right to expose knowledge necessary to ones Rights and Freedoms.

The Right to peaceful association, Assembly, Expression and Protest.

The Right to practice a Religion and to have beliefs of ones choosing.

The Right to Love and Consensual Marriage with children, as a Family.

The Right to security from abuse, Persecution, Tyranny and War.

The Right to refuse to kill under command, by reason of Conscience.

The Right to live in peace and to be left alone when Law Abiding.

Surely the most critical failure of the people is their failure to ensure the teaching and common knowledge of their Unalienable Rights. If You do not know Your Rights You effectively have none. By the path of ignorance, weather by apathy or deception. The people arrive in a state of exploitation, oppression and tyranny.

Learn Your Rights, They are Your Rights, No body or State can take away or alter Your Unalienable Rights.