Unacceptable Governmental Influence On The Gardai



We believe it is an important and key job of the Gardai, as peace officers, to maintain public order for the benefit of everyone; but this image from Wednesday’s water protest is very disturbing.

The people of Ireland have  always been extremely cooperative in this common goal, but in recent years the government have been slowly and quietly changing our Gardai; changing them to deal with something that didn’t exist here.

Regular uniformed Gardai are perfectly capable of dealing with the rare incidents that happen in Ireland; extremely rare because we are in general a peaceful people. However sending in armed men dressed in black combat dress, with balaclavas to hide their identity is a dangerous new trend. A trend that belongs in every failed democracy, and is one of the first visible signs of a failing State; as history has shown.

Seeing this on our streets one’s immediate and unavoidable impression is that we are looking at an armed paramilitary group; and in this country, with it’s recent history in the north, that is an extremely intimidatory message to be putting out on our streets. One is forced to ask oneself… is this Belfast at war in the troubles, or is this peaceful Dublin in 2014 ?

We would like to know who in government is pushing this trend towards paramilitary style policing, as it seems to be designed to change the very attitude of those Gardai wearing the new black combat uniforms, caps and armour.

Video on the night of the water protest on December 10th highlighted this new psychological problem, when those in this new combat gear appeared to behave differently to normal Gardai, they were more aggressive, behaved in a more intimidating manner, and gave the impression that could do whatever they liked with impunity. The intent seems to be to intimidate the people, deliberately destroying the respect Irish people have always had for our peacekeepers. For instance these armed men have even been reported assisting at traffic stops; there is no reason for this.

The same “blackening”, paramilitarising and gradual arming of police has been happening in many countries over the last 10 years, and has coincided with a major change in the attitude by the wearers of these military cut uniforms. This new psychology and attitude is a consequence of the new mode of dress and the new training, it emboldens them and separates them from the people and the community both socially and mentally.

The police in the UK changed from white shirts to black, and then to black t-shirts and body armour, then to automatic rifles, all in a very short time, and the psychological change in the police has seen a marked negative change in their attitude to people. The way the police behaved at the Warwick University student sit in, physically attacking, gassing, tasering peaceful students. The incident highlights the new and very real psychological problem that has been trained into today’s police forces.

This agenda deliberately dehumanises police, which enables them to commit more inhumane and antisocial acts; and it needs to be highlighted, isolated and reversed.

Who in government is trying to change the Irish police’s psyche, and in turn the affect Irish people’s psyche, and what is their agenda? Who is trying to create a “them and us” situation; nurturing a feeling in the Gardai that “the people are the enemy” of the police?

We know it is not true. The Gardai are made up from the ranks of the people, they are our neighbours and their kids go to school with ours; unlike the politicians who are trying to manipulate them. This is not the decision of the rank and file, this is social engineering that starts in training, and this kind of government social engineering will be called out wherever it rears it’s head.

We will not allow Ireland to be changed into the kind of country that has intimidating armed police everywhere doing the government’s bidding and operating with impunity, no matter how much the government would like it to. We want Gardai who “uphold” the constitution and the Law equally and without favour. We do not want to see this political disease spread through our Gardai.

The first mass water protest is case in point. It took the Gardai and government by surprise. There were over 100,000 people at it and barely a Garda in sight on the day. It was fun, good humoured and not a single incident happened that needed the Gardai. You see people in general can police themselves.

Compare that to the same size protest on December 10th when the government had forewarning and instructed the Gardai to block streets, and had all the most intimidatory elements of the Gardai on the streets in large numbers, massed ranks,  riot squad, and black clad armed paramilitaries.

And what happened, the public were inflamed and intimidated by this heavy handed presence on what would otherwise have been a fun day out; causing a few minor incidents, and some heavy handed action by those aforementioned Garda elements later than evening.

This phenomenon is visibly increasing in many countries worldwide and is endemic of governments that are becoming more and more dictatorial. Only this week we have seen the violence of UK, US and Italian police against a peaceful protests; and the Spanish government has signed new legislation to remove and limit people’s rights to protest, and gag them from even organising on pain of massive fines. It is noteworthy that the Irish government seems to be making noises in the same direction with recent legislation under the excuse of “terrorism”.

Government after government doesn’t seem to realise that they do not have the power to remove these natural rights from people, they were never given that authority, and it is a common theme throughout history that it is always the police that enable overbearing governments to enforce unlawful acts to remove people’s rights. This is a part of history the people and the Gardai must learn from and not repeat.

This trend is affecting many countries in Europe and the British Commonwealth. It is spreading like a disease and we would like to know who is infecting Ireland with this.

Things are bad enough as it is, after watching two plain clothes Gardai bundle a man and his bike into the back of a small van, and charge him, after he stopped them to have words with them for almost knocking him down. There needs to be accountability for these abuses of position.

We demand the Minister for justice make a statement on the increasing arming and militarisation of the Gardai and to stop this social engineering now. The people of this country like Ireland the way is was, we do not want to make the same mistakes of our neighbors and turn it into a police state, because this appears to be where the government wants to take us.

The question we ask the the people is: “Would you like your police to evolve into something like this (picture below) ? Because this is where all the indicators are telling us we are being led if we don’t stop it. Only a government that is corrupt needs to militarise a police force, as it has good reason to fear the public.

We would hope that the good men and women of the Gardai would not follow unlawful orders and when the day comes that an illegal and corrupt government needs to be arrested they will do their duty to the people.