TTIP: Stand Up For Democracy


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Sean Kelly MEP is a substitute member of the European Parliament Committee on International Trade. Next Thursday the 28th May this committee will vote on a resolution on what’s called the Investor State Dispute Settlement mechanism (ISDS). The resolution they vote on will then be submitted to all our MEPs in June when the full Parliament votes on TTIP.

Investor State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) is a special legal right that allows big business and corporations to challenge laws, regulation, judicial or administrative ruling or any other government decision. ISDS allows corporations to skip domestic courts and sue the government of their host country before a panel of private arbitrators.

If ISDS is accepted, corporations could claim billions in compensation if we raise the minimum wage or try to stop fracking licences being issued. And tobacco companies could get around our domestic court system and sue our government in secret arbitration courts without us ever even hearing about it.

If the vote on Thursday goes the way corporations want, big business will be one step closer to securing even more control over our government and democracy. Corporations already have too much power. It would be a disaster to give them even more. For the sake of our health service, for the sake of workers rights, for the sake of our democracy and our environmental protections – TTIP must be stopped.

It looks like the vote could go either way. Although Seán Kelly is a ‘substitute’ on the committee and might not get the chance to vote, he can still speak in the meeting and help influence his colleagues to vote the right way. He needs to know that we expect him to vote and speak against ISDS.

When his inbox fills up with calls to speak out against ISDS he will be forced to respond and to listen to what we have to say. Those in favour of TTIP would prefer if people like us stayed in the dark. By putting pressure on our politicians, we are showing them that we are informed and have them under the spotlight. This puts them under pressure to do the right thing, which is to act in the interest of democracy not corporate power.

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