TTIP and The End of Milk Quotas

TTIP and The End of Milk Quotas

By Collective Ireland

TTIP will allow for direct competition between Irish farmers and their American counterparts. This will ensure that small to medium sized Irish farmers will have to compete with the business of large-scale and intensive American farms.

To tip the scales in their favour, the American farmers can rely on growth hormones banned in Europe, cheap genetically modified feed, and significantly lower labour costs.

There are 139,829 farms in Ireland with an average size of 77 acres.

There are 2.1 Million farms in America, with an average size of 434 acres.

Common sense tells us that there will be no competition –

Irish farmers will not benefit from a deregulated market between the EU and the USA.

Milk Quotas are irrelevant in relation to TTIP.