TTIP and Employment

By : Collective Ireland

The EU commissioned an impact assessment study to determine the effects of a TTIP ratified in its present form.
This study highlighted the fact that in excess of 600,000 jobs would be lost across Northern Europe alone. Applying the UN’s preferred model of impact assessment shows a loss of 680,000 jobs, confirming the results of the EU’s own study.

The EU has decided not to publicise this fact.

The worst case scenario according to the EU itself would see 1.3 Million jobs lost and a period of “prolonged and substantial” dislocation for European workers.
Dislocation, in this context, is political speak for forced unemployment without the guarantee of re-employment.

At the heart of all TTIP negotiations is the process of deregulation.
TTIP is engaged primarily to remove regulatory barriers that diminish profit for multinational companies. The EU has already acknowledged that Intra-EU trade will diminish as a result of deregulation.

In terms of employment for Irish workers (especially the 161,000 people currently working for multinationals invited into Ireland by the IDA to abuse our corporate tax rate), deregulation will cause labour rights and accepted standards, rates of pay, job security and even employment prospects to plummet. All this will be done to appease those negotiating on behalf of the USA.

Successful ratification of TTIP will decimate an Irish society already relying on an underfunded, overburdened system of social welfare, and it will force those struggling in low or minimum wage jobs on to live register and it must be said under this current state of affairs, into a downward spiral of poverty and deprivation.

This isn’t conjecture, or guesswork.
The EU has instructed member states to avail of the 70 Billion Euros injected into the European Social Fund in advance of the predicted rise in social welfare payments member states will need to allow for the job losses forced on Northern Europe by TTIP.

The numbers dictate that every working class household in Ireland will in some way be affected by the ratification of TTIP. Remember – TTIP, just like Irish Water, is a stick without a carrot.

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