For thousands of years wars have been fought between tribes and peoples and nations.

Young men and women have been sent to their deaths for God and King and Country.

But what is war? And who is it good for?

War is the plunder of land and people and wealth. Land for territory, for property and for resources. People for slavery and production. Wealth for gold and treasures.

And war is an expensive business. It takes a lot of resources to create, arm and transport men and machinery in campaigns that last anything from six days to a hundred years.

And who finances these resources? Banks.

Who are the great powers in the world today? Not the US, not Russia, not China, but the Central Banks including the Federal Reserve and the Vatican.

Wars are fought by countries but they are fuelled by banks. So much government spending in the 20th century in military strength was only possible by the borrowing undertaken by nations to arm themselves. And so much conflict was not only financed by actually instigated by banks to engineer the seizure of wealth and power.

So … what has this got to do with Ireland?

Well… between 1990 and 2008 Europe enjoyed a phenomenal time of growth, prosperity and wealth creation. Ireland was at the forefront of that. Out little country was the shining star in the boom. Across the globe we were hailed as the economic prodigy. Investment poured into the country. Immigration soared to provide the manpower for the construction boom. The IFSC became the international hub for investment funds and financial trading. The global leaders in new technology set up base here from which to manage worldwide operations.

Everyone prospered. Low interest rates (cheap money) here and across Europe allowed ordinary people to dream of boundless possibilities: a bigger home … two homes … a home abroad … cars for every member of the family. Graduates were coming out of college straight into beautiful homes, company cars, two holidays a year. Older people with pensions were reinvesting their savings into stocks and shares and mostly property.

The problem for the banks who financed all this growth and productivity was that it did nothing to create real wealth for them. Interest on loans takes years to recoup and property financed by a bank doesn’t grant ownership or title to the property per se.

Claim of ownership could only be made upon the default of payments on financed property. So how to orchestrate mass default of payments? Engineer a crash!

It is unquestionable that the people at the centre of the banking and finance understood very well that the system that had been allowed to balloon into a massive bubble of debt based on discounted future revenue rather than existing assets. The economic boom based on debt guaranteed that the failure of even a small bank or perhaps even just the hint of a possibility of bank collapse would cause enough panic in the money and stock markets that would seriously curtail lines of credit that kept the machine oiled.

What the banks actually managed to do was create the same result within Europe that in other parts of the world might have necessitated war, invasion, “the spreading of democracy” and the overthrow of governments.

What they did was declare war on the people of Europe. And in so doing, without a single shot being fired or a drop of blood spilt (which would come later), they had plundered the wealth of hundreds of millions of people, seizing their land, their homes, their possessions, their children (in the form of creating debt slaves that would be veritable indentured slaves to the debts their governments and corporate giants had left them) and their treasures.

And in the frontline of this war-without-war: The Irish.

It reminds me of the film Braveheart, when Edward Long Shanks tells his generals “Send in the Irish”.

The grunts. The ignorant peasants. The idiots that have no idea what is happening to them, cannot understand the reality of it and are so heavily chemically sedated with the fluoride in their water that they haven’t the capacity for enough rational thought to begin to fight back.

That’s why Ireland was the staging ground for this war. Paddy was the perfect fall guy for their master stroke. The political system was so corrupt and the regulation of banking and finance had been allowed to get so loose that when the good times were rolling everybody was so mesmerised with the transition from Barry’s tea and batch loaf to cappucinos and croissants that the fairytale seemed like it would never end.

And when it was time to save the banks and bondholders Mario Draghi gave the order: “Send in the Irish”. 42% of the total cost of the crash born by Paddy. The average cost for every European for the crash was € 192. If you’re reading this you’re probably paying € 9,000. Have another glass of fluoridated water there before they start charging for it .. it’ll calm you down. Which suits them just fine.

So if we’re in a war that we didn’t start how do we end it?

Well if war is about the seizure of power, resources and wealth what we need is a resistance movement. Stop paying stupid taxes. Stop paying your tv licence. Stop paying parking fines. Stop accepting the rules of government and judiciary that are not serving you but feeding the corporate beast. Refuse to pay on-the-spot traffic fines … they’re not about road safety … they’re just about pickpocketing a few more quid from you. Stop paying all sorts of charges that are not about the provision of public service and all about the transfer of wealth … like the property tax and the water charge.

We also seriously need to discuss other options for banking and trade. There are other systems of credit and payment that facilitate trade especially on a local or national basis. Ideally I’d like to see us leave the Euro and Europe, but even if the nation refused to do that we could still introduce a domestic currency that would allow cash and credit to flow without affecting international or government borrowing and spending.

We might not have the weapons of power (like a for-sale prostitute police force) but if we are to avoid being slaughtered as a nation by poverty, emigration, homelessness and suicide then we need to fight back.

After all … “IT’S OUR ISLAND!”

Source : http://thedissidentdrum.blogspot.ie/