Time For a New Chapter in Irish Politics

One year initiative

Written by Liam Deegan sent to us by www.1yi.ie

What has changed in the face Irish politics over the last 90 odd years can be written on one hand. This country has inherited two political dinosaurs in Fine Gael and Fianna Fail who are both left over from a time of civil war politics and a civil war mindset that really hasn’t changed since 1922. What has always been missing from the political bullring that is Dail Eireann, is the ability to understand that elected politicians work for the citizens and not the otherway around.

The political system is geared towards what politicians want and never to what the people who put them in Dail Eireann want or need. Over the last seven years, this has become all too apparent when we see a Fianna Fail government give a blanket guarantee to bankers and bondholders knowing that it would ensure financial slavery for generations to come and then on the other hand we have Fine Gael who took the cowardly route and decided to protect the bankers, the EU and ultimately the Euro rather than protect Irish citizens from financial and economic meltdown.

We have now come to a point in our history that will let our future generations either remember us as hero’s for taking on the great wealth theft or remember us as a generation who let them down by not fighting our corner. A generation of people in the 30s’ and 40s’ gave their lives willingly or unwillingly in most cases so that we could be free from fascism in its newest form which is corporatism. Politics and corporatism now go hand in hand because any voice the we had was long taken away from us but maybe, just maybe this might be just about to change.

I was recently shown a document called the 1YI (one year initiative) which I initially thought was something to glance through and forget but reading the document I was immediately convinced that we must support an initiative that not only benefits us as individuals but society as a whole. The problem is that the current system doesn’t work for the people but does work for the politicians and we need to change that.

The initiative will allow for people initiated referendums to take place on matters of national importance and takes away the power of the politicians to make decisions that are detrimental to the future of the country such as the decision to guarantee banks and foster an odious debt upon this generation and future generations. It effectively empowers the citizens and moves the balance of power back into the the hands of the people as was intended by the men who wrote our constitution.

Let each and everyone of us dictate our own future by supporting this groundbreaking idea and take back what truly belongs to us, the ability to control our own destiny. If any politician rejects this forward thinking initiative, they are clearly telling you that they don’t want you to have a say in your own future so show them the door and then give your vote to someone who will sign up so that you can secure not only your own future but the future of the country.

Liam Deegan
Journalist and citizen