By  Tom Ryan 
It can only continue as it is presently constituted with your express consent, cooperation and support. Is this the kind of society you want for yourself and your children?

The human race is indoctrinated into a primitive dis empowered way of thinking by what is presented as education. As a result we don’t realize our personal power and we end up with a dysfunctional hen picking hierarchical society.
This is great for bullies, megalomaniacs, criminals and psychopaths who aspire to and gain key positions in this power structure.
The result is abuse and paranoia by Government, indoctrination by religions and closed shop criminal manipulation of society by the professions especially the medical and legal professions.
The result is a fear based society at every level.
Those in control are afraid of being found out resulting in the loss of power and status so they become paranoid and oppressive.
Oppression is an expression of fear masquerading as power. This becomes addictive like a drug so they start to physically and sexually exploit and abuse women, children and gays. That is why religion and those in political power feed off abuse. The Catholic Church and the British Political and legal establishments are prime examples.
Society is conditioned, indoctrinated and traumatized (Stockholm Syndrome) into a state of denial and escapism because most people can’t handle the truth and refuse to acknowledge or face it.
The results is society at large withdrawing into a delusional state where the reality of what is going on in the world is completely ignored and airbrushed out of reality. The protection of this state must not be questioned and if it is the reaction is a violent defense of the status quo.
Is there a conspiracy theory? Yes but it’s not just a theory! The maintenance of the manipulative, predatory, abusive status quo is the conspiracy and it’s protectors at every level of society are the conspirators.
The question is: are you supporting or condoning this abuse of your fellow humans in any way? Are you part of the problem or part of the solution? Are you prepared to step away from it and become part of a new compassionate society of consensus, co-operation, self reliance and self sovereignty?