This is not the New Europe, it is the Old Europe of conquerors and conquered but in a new guise.


In light of what happened over the past few months, the refusal particularly to even consider debt write-off for Greece, a few very relevant questions for Schauble, Merkel, Dijsselbloem and all their hardline cheerleaders in the Eurogroup and in the media:

Did Greece murder six million Jews?

Did Greece invade and subjugate by force almost every one of its neighbours, including Poland, Netherlands, Belgium and France?

Did Greece bomb London, Paris and many other major centres of population across Europe?

Did Greece slaughter tens of millions – men, women and children – without mercy?

Did Greece think to conquer Europe and impose its will across the continent?

Germany did all this and yet, less than ten years later, in 1953, those same countries gave Germany debt write-down, debt write-off, debt forgiveness.

So why is Greece, one of the countries that suffered grievously at German hands, one of those who signed the London Agreement in 1953, now being refused that same generosity?


I’m baffled, totally baffled – where is the logic in this?

Where is the logic in Germany setting the lead in refusing Greece the debt write-off that even the IMF now admits it absolutely needs, that even Schauble himself has admitted it needs?

Where is the logic in all the other eurozone countries following Germany’s lead in this ongoing very public humiliation of a beaten-down people?

Oh, ye have short memories.

In World War Two there were those in all those conquered countries who collaborated with the conquerors but there were those who resisted, and even inside Germany itself there were those who stood strong, who risked all.

With political parties like Die Linke there are still those strong and proud Germans who stand WITH the rest of Europe, with the hundreds of thousands in every nation who are standing with the Greeks in resisting debt enslavement of the many by the few. And that is this new world war.


There is though one critical difference.

Manolis Glezos is the oldest Member of the European Parliament, retired this week. In 1941, World War Two, when he was just 18, Manolis ripped down the flag the Nazis had raised over the Acropolis and kicked off the Greek Resistance. Back then though Greece had allies at official level across the continent; in this war Alex Tsipras was left to battle on his own against the combined might of the European Commission, the European Council, the ECB (whose behaviour crossed all boundaries, blatantly political) and – disgracefully – the entire Eurogroup, including our own Enda Kenny and Michael Noonan.

Those combined forces may think they have won, just as those who raised that flag in Athens thought they had won. They haven’t. Under the terms of this ‘Agreement’ it’s not just the Greeks who have been humiliated, who will suffer. We are all diminished by this.

Is this the end? No, it’s the beginning of the end, the EU – and the euro particularly – shown up for the sham it has become. This is not the New Europe, it is the Old Europe of conquerors and conquered but in a new guise.
The end of the end can’t come soon enough; hopefully there will be enough left for us to build on. Hopefully.