This is no time for party politics, this is a time to unite, to restore democracy

1798 rebellion

By Neville Bradley

On May 23rd 1798, 217 years ago the 1798 rebellion started, this is a very informative read about Irish men and women prepared to give their lives for Irish freedom.

Next year is the 100th anniversary of the 1916 rising, it was a time when Ireland was controlled by a foreign power, sadly Ireland is once again controlled by foreign powers and they are private foreign banks calling themselves the “Troika” the European central bank, the world bank and the international monetary fund have unlawful control of our financial sovereignty, they are now dictating every aspect of our nations finances. The citizens of our country are financially enslaved and being forced to pay back the reckless gambling debts of private banks that were under the control of the Troika in the first place.

The financial services sector only pay €1 in tax for every €333,333 profit, yes only €1 at a rate of 0.0003%. So that’s €3.33 for every €1,000,000 million euro in profit.

At least 90% of the money the banks claim they lost wasn’t real money, it was called “fiat money” it was only an extended line of credit that existed on the banks computer screen, created using fractional reserve banking were they only need 10% of the loan to be held on deposit.

I suppose like me your probably thinking that this is really unbelievable and just when you think it can’t get any worse, it does. The banks set up companies called “special purpose vehicles” so that they can securitise your mortgage, this means that they sold a pool of thousands of your mortgages for more than the value of your mortgage. So the bank is paid in full plus an amount to cover potential interest profit and have no more risk. these new companies have at least one of the bank directors that are selling the mortgage on their board, these companies are listed on the Irish stock exchange and traid your interest payments on your mortgage.

And just when you think it can’t possibly get any worse, it does. The bank that securitised or sold the mortgages without the lender even knowing have been paid back in full with interest, they then get paid millions for their service charge for passing on your interest each month to the company they set up that trades your interest payments. But because the company is in the financial services center they only pay 0.0003% on this profit, yes remember the €3.33 for every €1,000,000 million Euro in profit.

And just as you thought that this is it, surely it can’t possibly get any worse, it does. The banks don’t own your mortgage anymore but they leave their name as a burdon on your house deeds and if you default on your mortgage because of the austerity caused by the so called bank bailout they go to court to try and get a possession order to evict you even though they have been paid in full, even though they have made billions in service charges paying little or no tax,

I want to know when the citizens of this country get a bailout, but while the banks get bailout, and pay little or no tax, the citizens of our country have been unfairly milked dry of all disposable income, this is a crime against each and every one of us and our children who are expected to pay money they clearly do not owe.

This is the generation that could be remembered for squandering our nations financial freedom and the sacrifice of all those who willing gave their lives so that we could be free.

Irrespective of what political party you support, we need to reinstate direct democracy were the citizens can initiated a referendum to block or propose legislation that effects their lives. We had this power until it was removed in the 1937 constitution. The constitutional convention in 2013 voted 83% in favour of reinstating direct democracy but this government ignored them and allowed you to vote on lowering the age of the president to 21 instead, this is not a democracy and we must insist on having our power returned before the next election.

This is not a time for party politics, this is a time to unite, to restore our democracy, to stop this criminal austerity that is enslaving our people. THIS IS YOUR DEFINING MOMENT.

What will you tell your grandchildren when they ask you what did you do to save our Country………