This is Ireland 2015: “The best little country to do business in”

Disability HSE

By Margaret Kennedy

“After 42 years in the UK I decided to ‘come home’ . I am now 63 and wake every day in tears! I hate Ireland. I am very sick and disabled with a rare disease which as yet, has no name!

I go to the UK for my medical care under the E 112 scheme. My disease comprises parkinsons, muscle myopathy ( similar to muscular dystrophy)’ dystonia, with a metabolic and autonomic dysfunction. Together with spinal degeneration necessitating morphine. The UK docs have never seen these diseases TOGETHER …they say I’m more rare than rare!

I thought Ireland would be a better place to be. Where people cared. But I have been shocked. The HSE won’t even give me a decent, decent, wheelchair. My family don’t want to know , all they say is I should be in sheltered accommodation. I’ve made no new friends, I know no- one and I wish I was dead. I made the biggest mistake of my life…this is a dreadful country and the HSE is abusive and horrendous. A local councillor and a TD asked Leo Varadkar to meet me and my twin( with same disease) but he just says he’s not responsible for the HSE!

We are meeting David Norris next week. A lovely man. We are fundraising for wheelchairs. My twin needs one too. But our van needs changing too. How do you raise 50k approx? Sorry folks. But Ireland does need a revolution. I am utterly lonely and despairing. Only the people can overthrow this gov. But we need to overthrow the pernicious, vicious institution that is the HSE!

We just do not count! Too old, too ill, too ‘useless’ in an Ireland that only sees economic SUCCESS as everything. I do long for death. When poor, vulnerable , ill, disabled people don’t matter then a country has lost it’s soul. Ireland has lost it’s soul. Can it ever get it back?”

Margaret Kennedy