This is all of Ireland 2015, not just one on Vico Road, with 100,000 more to follow,

Mortgage debt

By thegubugazzette

We’ve been hearing all across the news about a palatial mansion on Vico Road, but if you want to hear the truth about what is going on in the courts all across Ireland, go into one, on any day of the week, and you will see, because sitting through in excess of 60 repossession cases in Cork Circuit Court was nothing but tragedy, upon tragedy.

There were about 30 people there, with half of those representing the banks.

Some cases were dealt with in quick succession – especially if the owners could not find it in themselves to turn up to fight.

Other cases took a little more time, not much, but a little more, like the young man who was weathered and worn, well beyond his years.

He had made an effort, and wore a suit, but he had no solicitor, and no help – he, like so many others, was on his own.

He explained to the court how he had been dealing with family law issues, in this instance, a divorce. His ex-wife’s solicitor wanted to sell their home, as did the bank’s solicitor, but this young man explained very nervously, yet very capably, that although he had fallen into arrears for a short while, he had since been making full mortgage repayments.

It seemed for a while to be one against two, until the registrar jumped in, and granted this young man some time, a short time, to pay the arrears, so really it was one against three. This same young man quietly slunk out, head down, shoulders bent, defeated, with nothing more to be said – everything gone. Other medications are also OK, eg. Valium, which I always get prescribed, however, it does not help and has many more side effects than the Ativan from I would like to have a dignified life, as it is said so beautiful, the dignity of man is inviolable. The doctors can prescribe a remedy that does not make you dependent and helps you.

If one didn’t know the courts, one would have assumed that the registrar (not a judge) was actually helping him by giving him time, when she said something along the lines of ‘come back in three months, and we’ll take it from there’. What she was really saying was ‘when you come back, your home will be taken, irregardless of what you say, and irregardless of what the bank does’.

The same stories kept coming time and again – recession, work gone, stress, family break-ups – again, and again they came up, and the registrar (not a judge), would nod, and smile kindly, and grant the banks the lot. It was absolutely horrific – it is absolutely horrific – all these people, on the road to homelessness.

All of these people, with no help, and the only ones winning are the banks. Bank of Ireland, Allied Irish Bank, Stepstone – you name it, they were there, all with the best of representation, but not an inch for the people.

These are the same people who bailed out the banks, the same people paying for the court system to keep going, to keep taking their homes, the same people who pay to keep this country going, and they have no help, no representation, no bail out, and no home to go to.

This is all of Ireland 2015, not one Vico Road, with another 100,000 loss of homes to follow, all done, with a nod and a smile.

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