The Water Balloon That Won The War


By FB Writer

I personally would like to thank Joan Burton for her covert help in fighting Austerity. Her inept handling of everything she touches or speaks about seems to inflame the masses and stir up their spirit to fight back.

Her latest political blunder is to have over 40 water meter protesters arrested on suspicion of hitting her with a water balloon,  and the huge waste of Garda overtime in bringing the culprit to justice.

All this in a time of austerity when over 500 people, relatives of you and me lay on trolleys in A+E as we speak, treated like cattle( I have always said politicians elected should have to sign an affidavit stating that they can only be treated in public health facilities, we would see a far more humane system then) , all this when our teachers are being forced to take on an extra 10 students in a class room because the country can’t afford to properly educate our children. Not one criminal banker has been sent to jail despite all the evidence of fraud and corruption but the water balloon culprit will be caught lol.

No money for anything in this country, no jobs being created or social housing being built ( this is a national crisis right now and yet the problem is still put on the long finger until such a time when it is going to cost an absolute fortune to build these houses that are needed, common sense says build them now while it is still relatively cheap to do so) and meanwhile homeless families (yes families, not alcohol or drug addicts but families) on the streets being put up in B&Bs but unlimited Garda overtime available to catch the water balloon criminal.

She never ceases to amaze me when she opens her mouth lol each and every time I can just see the enraged faces of people who through sheer bewilderment at her insulting (to our intelligence) comments rush out to join a protest. Joan Burton the greatest covert weapon in the anti austerity armament I sincerely thank you for your efforts . As hundreds of children walk to school hungry because the country has no money hundreds of Gardai search for the water balloon sniper.

Lol thanks Joan