By Liam Deegan

When Pat Rabbitte and Liz O’Donnell are wheeled out to attack their own propaganda machine, then you know something is up and desperation on the part of the government has well and truly kicked in. The government spin doctors are in full flow on the instructions of their Fine Gael and Labour paymasters.

Looking into what both of these mouthpieces are trying to say, for the most corrupt government to ever grace our shores, must surely rank amongst the worst attempt at reverse psychology ever attempted on the public at large. What these two weapons of mass distraction are trying to do is to take the eye off RTE and focus it back onto the anti austerity movement by claiming that RTE is full of lefties and that the Brian Dobson and newsroom in particular have suddenly found an emphatic streak that has them now gushing in favour of the protesters.

RTE was never a leftie station and will never be a leftie station because they are in receipt of a tax foisted upon anyone afraid enough to bow to paying for a television licence. Never once has RTE come out in favour of anything that the anti water protesters have said or done because they are not allowed to by their masters in Dail Eireann. The standards in RTE have always been the same and that is to stick to whatever they are told to do by every government since its inception.

Rabbitte in particular is still bitter and twisted that the protesters managed to have him removed from his well paid job and that his ego needs to find an outlet before it disappears from politics forever. It is a sad day for a man who was once noted to be “a man of the people” having to jump up and down like a yappy Jack Russell looking over a wall, screaming “I’m here, I’m here, look at me, look at me!!

As for O’Donnell, she has a bigger motive to open her mouth wider than it should, as she is “a correspondent” for Denis O’Brien’s daily propaganda paper and Irish Water. Perhaps Ms O’Donnell would care to enlighten the public as to how she considers the right to free speech a criminal act now that she is champion of the poor, protector of human rights and all round goddess for the rights of minorities according to her website?

Neither person has any idea what its like to be poor, homeless, hungry, beaten senseless for standing up for their human rights or denied justice in our own courts. When either of these two “upstanding citizens” have experienced any of the above then they may have a slight case to be heard, however we know full well that they haven’t and never will, therefore that right to be heard is currently non existent.

Liz and denis

They really believe that Irish people are fools and will fall for anything but they forget that we are awakened and can see through their pathetic attempt at mass distraction. Next time tell your paymasters to wheel out someone who knows what they are doing…