The Selective Criminal Assets Bureau…

Criminal Assets Bureau

By Mag Fhionn

The Criminal Assets Bureau has been a total failure in its ideals since its inception. It has since its creation used its powers in deciding who is and who is not criminal enough to go after in their decisions of where certain assets of certain individuals have come from. It is a selective system that decided on who is exempt of the criminal system and who`s assets may be ceased. We all know the large cases that the bureau ran against certain criminals here in Ireland namely John Gilligan and his associates but we have never once seen or heard of their offices targeting people within the system such as Bertie Ahern or Charlie Haughey who have stolen much more then the whole of Gilligans fortunes combined. The real question is why?

So as these systems run on a daily basis it would seem that the white collar criminals within government have become untouchable. Why is this and who is the real protectorate of these criminals within the political class and the system that preaches to abide by the laws. Many people have been thrown into prisons throughout the nation of Ireland for petty crimes such as not paying for a TV license but the main criminals who steal billions annually are some how overlooked. Perhaps if the criminal assets bureau was as straight as it says then all criminality within the political system would cease to exist as they would fear the bureau and the loss of their assets not to mention the naming and shaming of the individuals involved.

It would seem to the average person here in Ireland that the bureau was set up to go after small time crooks while the large fish go on with their daily lives of stealing millions and evading in paying their taxes by overseas accounts. It is time that these bureaus began taking a close look at the criminality within government and their assets and took action against those who are deemed to have more then their earnings would allow. A true systematic bureau who really wants to close down criminality weather it be street dealers or white collar criminals would see both as criminals and treat both with the same force of investigating them and bringing them to justice. But that is not what we see, again and again we see the normal criminal getting targeted while the main criminals up in government buildings run their day to day business unhindered.

This is not the actions of a true criminal assets bureau, this is the actions of a criminal protecting assets bureau set up by government to drain the resources from the few criminals that are outside of the current political class. A criminal system in itself. The criminal assets bureau should be a public entity run by the people with no affiliation to any governmental system and no ties to the Gardaí or the government structure so no person or business is exempt from their powers of investigation.