THE NEW LAND LEAGUE Press Release : Vincent Brown

gerry beades

By New Land League

The New Land League welcomes Mr Vincent Brown’s (Johnny-come-lately) intervention, late in the day, into the harrowing subject of Home Evictions.
Mr Browne has consistently failed to attend or report on numerous Evictions or so far taken any interest in the plight of dozens of families and farmers who have already been evicted despite him being included on the Land League’s mailing list. He has been receiving notices of evictions for quite some time now as do most TD’s, Senators and County Councillors.
Jerry Beades has now called on TV3 to explain Vincent Browne’s ignorant behaviour yesterday afternoon and again last night and his failure to report objectively and fairly on Evictions around the country. They point to his failure to report on the subject of evictions and the links between Bank of Ireland and the Judiciary through the private branch of BOFI which have been raised in the Four Courts. The loan write-offs and the failure of certain members of the Irish Judiciary to recuse themselves from cases concerning BOFI.
There is clear EU Law compelling the Judiciary to step aside (recuse) when there is Perceived Conflict. Certain members of the  Irish Judiciary have refused to obey these Standard Laws and the Government has failed to take action. An International panel of Legal and Financial experts provided an Opinion on this very subject for yesterday’s Land League Press Conference at Buswells Hotel which Mr Browne failed to engage with but which almost all other National TV and Newspapers attended.
Jerry Beades is also calling on TV3 to explain Mr Browne’s actions in Killiney earlier yesterday and his openly hostile behaviour ‘on air’ coupled with foul language and the failure of Vincent Browne to impartially report.on this very sensitive matter for families all over the country. “Mr Browne’s trespass on this distressed couple’s private home and looking in the windows ‘on air’ in a cheap publicity stunt at this private Residence.”
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Quote; Vincent Browne puts beloved house for sale as Village proves too costly for him’I have managed to amass a huge debt though Village and I don’t have a pension’ the broadcaster said. Niamh Horan

IT was Ireland’s gold coast, where the rich and famous came to lay their stake and set up home along the Irish Sea. But now Dalkey is fast losing some of the famous names that littered the scenic suburb at the height of the Celtic Tiger.

This week TV3 broadcaster Vincent Brown became the latest resident to post a ‘for sale’ sign outside his door. ‘Atlanta’, the six-bedroom red-brick coastal property where Browne and his wife raised their family, is on the market for €3.25m.

Browne and his wife Jean initially bought the property for IR£94,000 (€119,000). However, they have to sell the Victorian house to settle debts that accumulated through the broadcaster’s involvement with Village magazine, which he started in 2004.

Only a year ago this week the TV3 presenter was confident about working through his financial troubles.