The National Land League of Ireland Press Statement

Michael Davitt

The National Land League of Ireland

Press Statement

17th of January 2015

West Court Hotel


The following statement is the official response of the National Land League of Ireland to recent High Court injunctions granted in the High Court by Paul Gilligan to K-Tech Security against supporters of the League and indeed the National Land League of Ireland itself.

The injunctions in question were granted at a hearing in which none of the named individuals or the National League Provisional Committee were informed or present to defend themselves. The injunctions are tantamount to the removal of the right of citizens to peaceful protest and free expression and should be of concern to every right-minded citizen in Ireland.

The injunctions relate to a boycott-protest aiming to convince K-Tech Security to desist from their continued and increasing participation in evictions and the receivership of small and medium businesses and farms in Ireland. Across the nation, 100,000s of men, women and children face eviction or receivership and K-Tech Security have proven themselves the Security firm of choice within the industry.

The National land League of Ireland is in possession of video footage, photographic footage and testimonies revealing paramilitary styled K-Tech personnel intimidating, assaulting and harassing homeowners and farmers. One film shows K-Tech personnel communicating with a homeowner through the home front door whilst at the same time smashing the door down with a sledgehammer. It would appear that K-Tech is the Yeomanry and Militia of today. Only this week the owner of K-Tech, one Mr. McGarry, and his henchmen have been stalking the families of pro-active League members, photographic evidence of which we hold in our possession.

We have been informed by owners of other security firms that K-Tech are abandoning and rejecting morally sound contracts for better paying evictions and receiverships. We have time and again communicated with K-Tech asking them to desist from participating in such immoral activities, but to no avail. In response, the National Land League set itself on a course travelled by the original founders of the League in 1879; we decided it necessary to peacefully boycott K-Tech security.

As K-Tech are not a business householders would have a relationship with, we decided to identify K-Tech clients as our medium of boycott. We chose the Sunday World Irish Country Music Awards to be hosted in the City West Hotel on the 26th of January 2015. K-Tech Security is a permanent feature at the City West Hotel and although our boycott is not directly aimed at the Awards, it is aimed at highlighting through the awards and to the City West Hotel the unethical and immoral practices of K-Tech Security.

In an effort to prevent us from acting upon our constitutional right to peaceful assembly and freedom of speech, K-Tech have successfully applied for a High Court injunction preventing us from doing so. We in the National Land League of Ireland refuse to recognise the Order of any Court in which we as Defendants were not informed of our trial and were prevented from defending ourselves. Such is not a court or a trial but rather an unjust decree from the apparatus of tyranny. To obey such a decree would be to cower in the shadow of injustice, we shall never do that. To accept the removal of our right to peaceful assembly and freedom of speech would be to insult the memory, bravery and determination of the original founders of the League. We shall not desist. We cannot desist.

We declare that we shall not be diverted from our course with the threat of imprisonment. We shall not be called to heel whilst half a million men, women and children face eviction and homelessness. We do not encourage or wish to see our supporters jailed for exercising their right to peaceful protest and freedom of speech, but we shall endure whatever we must to uphold those rights. If we are imprisoned we shall be prisoners of conscience and history shall know our accusers as criminals.

We say to K-Tech security that we have not yet reached the midnight hour. Our consistent offers of discussion and negotiation remain extended to you, but we ask that you refrain from participating in evictions and SME and farm receiverships during talks. This is our only condition to negotiation. If you continue to refuse our offer to talk we are left with no choice but to continue the planned boycott protest at the City West Hotel, but to also escalate the K-Tech Boycott campaign nationwide, encompassing all K-Tech customers throughout the nation.

We call on all our supporters to attend this first boycott protest at City West Hotel on the 26th of January at 5pm, the first National Land League of Ireland boycott in 120 years. We ask our supporters to be at the ready for a further escalation of this boycott against K-Tech over the coming months. Also expect and prepare for the broadening of the boycott net to local Solicitors and Barristers who assist financial institutions in the asset strip of homeowners, small business people and farmers.

As our forefathers in the National Land League of Ireland freed themselves from the greed of the landlords, we shall free ourselves of the shackles of banks and their agents. No matter the threats against us we shall make real the words of Michael Davitt…

“Let justice be done tho’ the Heavens fall”!!!!