The Majority Report


By Eithne Hogan

“It is almost time.  Almost Everyone on Terra Éire sense it.  Coursing through their blood.  Pumping through their lungs.  Fleshing out their very veins.  It is deliciously determined.  Delectably desirable.  Almost Everyone feels the taste of it on their tongues.  The bitter taste of backlash against the sweeter deepening need for change.  For a paradigm has inexorably shifted on Terra Éire that will never be reversed.  And in place of the old and infirm, the self-attesting worn out way of taken for granted Minority Rule stands implacably and resolutely the Voice, the Body, the Heart, the Mind, the Spirit and Will of the Majority Report.  For the people have risen.  The people have woken up.  And as it was prophesied and foretold in the beginning, this is the enlightened People’s Awakening.  For they found themselves in their fear.  From the debris of devastation and the wanton world of want.  They faced it in their nightmares.  Envisioned it in their childrens’ eyes.  Read it on their flesh.  Imagined it in their dreams.  And now they are turning on their axis to confront their rulers and define their nation’s fate.  They are turning very gradually to face their destiny. Standing in their own inalienable Power.  Pitching this Power against their Masters’ Fate.  For this is the final frontier.  And moving in their thousands, they make ready for the change.  And from the shadows and gradations they shall come forth and multiply.  To emerge Into the light of a dialogic and developing truth.  Into clarity, new-found accountability and the immeasurable totality of a transparent but mysterious earth.  To ultimately meet and be mindful of the complexity of Terra Éire’s more natural design.  To boldly go where Almost Everyone has never gone before.

For the world is a stage and the curtain is rising…”


Inside the Captain’s Gig

Almost Everyone on Terra Éire  could sense it.  But Almost Everyone was not privileged or knowledgeable of the whereabouts of their increasingly vanishing captain.  Almost Everyone knew that at the drop of the most lightweight hat or small-handed smack of an uneasy challenge, Captain Innadaze [Endadaze] Kenny would fade into meaningless mumblings or blatant incoherent invisibility; as if he had been beamed to another dimension by some unsuspecting but imminent Scot.  They called him ‘The Captain’ because that’s what he said he would be, many years ago after the pendulum of rule swung back from the grip of Fianna Fail and their pitiless Klingons.  But even though his passengers never quite expected a trip to the Promised Land or considered easy steps to the ladder or climb out of deep and unashamed recession; Almost Everyone did hope that Captain I. E. Kenny would at minimum courageously place at least some of his fingers on the page of Terra Éire’s flight manual;  this flight manual that’s still being held tenaciously by EU and US financial moguls.  His passengers did not expect him to dip his fingers so acquiescingly into the sponge of the all-subsuming bloated and proverbial Corporate Pie.

And so he sits and waits.  And senses.  It is almost time.

Carried by the U.S.S. Enterprise, he is docked in the Calypso.  Oblivious to the realities and profundities of the Majority Report and to most of the real events on Terra Éire, he has lost consciousness with the thoughts, desires and lives of Almost Everyone back on earth.  His engagement with politics and policies on Terra Éire, especially in times of crises, is becoming more and more random and sporadic.  Much of the now unwanted trivialities to be faced such as what he hears whispered among his crew on the ship whistles by his ears.  He will have none of that negativity and lies!  He and his coalition of lieutenants and backbenchers exclusively and wholeheartedly know the truth.  Truth 1: GDP is expected to grow by around 4pc for both next year and 2017.  This, his reliables have told him and it is to this that he fixedly and inflexibly agrees.  This fact would mean Terra Éire would be the fastest growing economy in the EU Galacticus for four years.  Such a victory!  This fact means that he will undoubtedly become the unrivalled champion and top dog federation captain and his name will go down in the glorious archives of Terra Éire history.  So he will have none of these scurrilous attempts to remove the words recovery and reform out of his political vocabulary.  Furthermore, there will be no such need for any surreal stimulus package or alternative approach in the Terra Éire portfolio and EU project.  He will continue to pay the bankers, speculators and the bondholders.  There will be no alternative to this approach! Never!

Not on his watch.

Cuts in the form of juggling hikes and discounts and slithering and scaly stealth taxes have always slipped acrobatically by the more populist juvenile understanding of economics.  Sure his economists learned their strategies from studying the most reliable DIY YouTube videos enabling retailers fix their prices in local supermarkets all around Terra Éire; a trick that no customer, not even the brightest spark of Almost Everyone could intellectually decipher.  It was the economics of certainty not chance his team propounded.  And his advisors just loved it.  Incredibly straightforward and easy. Raise and deduct.  Slash and burn.  Left and right.  Black and white.  So Innadaze after years of this mechanism, now construes that all crude talks of the dark days of famine, homelessness, evictions, suicide and savage want are mere imaginings on the doorstep of and desire for imminent mutiny.  And he will have none of that duplicity and scaremongering.  HE after all is the Captain of the Terra Éire ship.  Follower of the Starstruck Enterprise.  Purveyor of his Calypso; docked and carried and supported in the U.S.S. Enterprise.

Terra Éire is his kingdom.  His realm.  His law.  And harmonised and attuned to the EU Galacticus, only he will rule.  And there is no consideration of the word after.  In the fullness of the now, the Captain will steer his ship and guide his state organs through the mystery of galactic and planetary orbit.  Alongside the U.S. and E.U. galactic fleet.   In the pocket of a safe ship.  For his is the manner of an earthling mixed with the mind of a ruling Klingon.  And in some ways, the pendulum does not always swing too far when it has only ever been placed on one particular clock.

The Captain as it stands is not a fully-fledged Klingon.  Fully–fledged Klingons by their nature are swarthy humanoids characterised mainly by prideful ruthlessness, lack of humility and brutality.  They are ultimately totalitarian by nature and are drawn toward the concept of rule over slave labour.  Although the Captain never believed this characteristic was resident in him as a native of Éire, he magnetised to it in the allegiances he stood over and created and saw no fault in it when he made his decisions on Terra Éire’s national and social policy and reform.  In this wannabe a Klingon mind frame, some of the attributes have since stuck and he has morphed and mutated into the Klingon way.  But the fully-fledged Klingons running the EU Galacticus Fleet know this of him.  And his lieutenants on the Calypso and in the EU fleet possibly suspect this diminutive aspect of his character also.

As flies to wanton boys is he to the Gods.  For he will never measure the depth of their desires.  Or satiate the breadth or lust of their omniscient appetites.

Innadaze takes in his surroundings.  Although Terra Éire used to have its own fleet, EU Galacticus had insisted on the privatisation and hand over of all of Terra Éire’s state assets. The process is currently still in place.  The Captain has been obliging in as much as possible but some glitches to be ironed out have emerged from the latest Majority Report.  The creation of Irish Water, bailouts and bankers pay-offs, feuds on forestry, queries on fishing rights and tenure, and demands about the ownership of oil plus depressed assets being purchased by the property-holding Vulcans are all contentious issues yet to be fully and terminally resolved.  The Captain knows he had no hope with the Vulcans.  The Vulcans had lost their way and their ability to suppress their intensive emotions.  Although they still retained their outward logic and calculation, the collapse of their ritual for emotional suppression and techniques for maintaining emotional control had brought back the worst abuses and interpretation of Social Darwinism.  Logic and calm without, vicissitudes of relish for rage and orgies of oppression within combined with an unending thirst to have and to own.  The Vulcans too had gotten their way with the Captain, his nation state, his judiciary and all affiliated organs of the state machine.

But no worry because for his personal efforts, Captain Innadaze is now contentedly left with the company of Terra Éire on earth and his prestigious residential and business yacht, the Calypso in the galaxy – docked and carried and supported in the U.S.S. Enterprise.  For this, he gives jaw breaking thanks and praise.  For this, he is mesmerised and truly starstruck.  The Calypso, although appearing small from the outside; has its own ample interior.  This consists of the flight deck, two staterooms, crew bunks, an esteemed and laden galley and an enthusiastic engineering section with the eyes and ears of eager technocrats, along with the ship’s impulse engine, cryogenic reactants and atmospheric flight motors – *all outlined in the craft’s technical Star Trek manual.  Alongside this irrefutable luxury, the Captain has his Terra Éire property and the promise of a Terra Éire ministerial pension and an all-encompassing yearned for role with the big boys in the Klingon Empire; contingent of course on him continuing his quest for social reform and the progression and advancement of economic and national recovery – as dictated to him by the US-EU Klingons.  The Calypso is his own home from home, utilised for diplomatic missions whether domestic or inter-galactic travel or business related.

Should the mission require it, it is also a transmutable sanctuary and bunker.

The Captain holds no doubt for success in his mission.  Ms Johanna Maelstrom, the Captain’s deputy and sister-in-arms, the lover of #OXI Finance Minister N. O. Oonan ranked high in the echelons of the EU Galacticus holding, and Brigadier Ahab AK Blusterer otherwise known as Breezy hold no doubt either.  For in their combined jurisdictions with assiduous and punctilious efforts, they will bring these sell-offs, sell-outs and plans to complete and utter Klingon fruition.  All state organs will synchronise in tune in the orchestra of Terra Éire.  There is a saying on Terra Éire: have minions will travel.  The games of the Klingons are scrupulously rigged and the deals are disastrously done.  And the Terra Éire governmental machine cranks merrily and jubilantly on in the great big galaxy of the familial monopoly machine.

While the inter-galactic treaties diligently dust off the residue of pyramidal profits and margins.

His crew, on the other hand are more alert to danger.  The Calypso’s flattened elliptical design allows it to travel both in space approaching speeds of 0.65 times the speed of light and in a planetary atmosphere like that of Terra Éire, at a cruising velocity of Mach 6.  If needs be and it might, the Calypso can leave earth faster than a light breeze could ripple a hair on the Captain’s strawberry blond head.  And the Captain’s crew know that that particular breeze could someday turn out to be the gathering blackness of tumultuous storm and flailing of unremitting lashes of rain.  With no recourse to personal not for profit harvesting.

Captain Kenny is stirred to waking by a knock on his Captain’s door.  Four telepaths enter to deliver him his updates of the Majority Report from home.  Telepaths are immeasurably valuable in their absolute inability to lie.  Innadaze had sent them home on a carrier ship two months ago leased out from EU funding, with an interest rate that increasingly escalates and multiplies.  The EU Galacticus is never short of a black hole or two for funding or for receiving untold dividends or returns.  It is known fact that some of the Captain’s crew believe they have actually invented some of these innumerate holes right out of thin air.  But this thought is neither whispered nor spoken by any crew member.  Since the Captain takes heed of all such talk and interpolates it as treason.

The telepaths move closer.  The Captain takes heed.  Riva and his chorus take to the centre of the floor.  No one sits.  The Majority Report is always delivered standing.  There is baited silence.  Followed by a long breathy hum. To which the Captain exhales vociferously.

Riva, deaf due to a hereditary genetic deficiency, travels with a “chorus” of three who communicate with him telepathically and enunciate his judgement and recommendations.  Only one of the three speaks.  This is their way.  Riva, the Negotiator and Judger of Truth looks to Innadaze.

Updated News on the Majority Report: Terra time August 2015

Executive Summary

[The Captain is resistant toward unnecessary embellishment in speech.  Summaries suffice.  The Telepaths know this.]

The Pre-Cogs

The pre-cogs are more or less at the same activity, with some adjustments, which I will allude to and expand on later.  There has been no major or critical advancement in these groups’ abilities to discern or pre-visualise the future.  Almost Everyone is, generally speaking, uninterested in their predictions overall since the Global Federation of Intelligence invented the Conspiracy Theorist Paranoid Project.  Although there are smaller numbers of people following the approach of this The People’s Watchdog; there is not enough growth to concern yourselves as rulers to fear this latent threat.  At least, not yet.  Too many people still regard these ‘truth seekers’ as paranoid followers of Terra Éire and global events with a mentally unstable view or hyper response to tragedy, synchronicity and blatant in your face hard to miss co-incidence.  Although it is no longer Almost Everyone believing the main stream media hype, propagandas and misinformation; numbers to date are not explicitly alarming.  We extend on this by offering a warning.  As Telepaths, We only tell the truth.

Your description in your Terra-based Wikipedia denotes these theories as ‘ridiculous, misconceived, paranoid, unfounded, outlandish or irrational theories’.  Riva the Negotiator and Judger of Truth has recommended that you mind your state-controlled media and think tanks carefully.  Observers of the pre-cogs who are moving more toward their predictions and prophecies demonstrated a meagre modicum of these characteristics.  They show the astute ability to find flaws in the mesh of your presentations.  They are actively seeking out the truth behind the narratives’ perceived lies and poorly weaved webs.  They show reason, intelligence and logical problem-solving and discernment.  They are continually finding new methods of communication not dependent on wealth or prestige.  They have pages, communities, forums and groups.  They are meeting on the streets, in restaurants, bars and other places of interest.  They share their resources and understanding of the world’s affairs more accurately and cohesively than in earlier epochs visited by us.  Their minds are evolving at an accelerating pace and they are now we believe in the quickening.  Riva sends his warning to the Captain.  The pre-cogs are disseminating their discovered views and knowledge. They are seeing the cracks and the flaws. The Global Federation of Intelligence has lost its planetary support through its deliberate pathway of aggressive imprisonment and trajectory of holistic vilification.  Additionally, the stereotype of paranoia and irrationality is losing its grip and the seekers of truth are finding their way through the Terra Éire matrix.  As Telepaths, We only tell the truth.  Riva says you need to guard your truth more closely.

The Free-cogs

These are the newer groupings of humanoids. More to be feared than the pre-cogs.  Almost Everyone on Terra belongs to this category.  Some of these free-cogs show articulated signs of pre-cog activity.  Definitions of these two groups are now blurring.  The free-cogs are calling themselves the risen people.  The awakened.  They speak of paradigm shifts and newer systems of governance.  They use words that are relative strangers to your traditional form of rule.  We hear them discuss traits like accountability, transparency, recall, honesty, integrity, humility, equality and fairness.  They equally replace your concept of national recovery and social reform with the experience of a bout of on-going bailouts, cruel and unjust austerity whilst they are somewhat overtly smitten with the term odious debt.  They seem to enjoy the adjective odious and pronounce it with such denouement.  So much so, that we ourselves find it hard to not repeat it.  Odious.  You see.  Telepaths are not ordinarily influenced by such things so we see this as a worrying example.  It is, as we all concur, a despicable word and holds an even more horrendous impact and outcome – not to be trivialised.  Riva the Negotiator and Judger of Truth finds these free-cog groups quite amenable and open-minded.  Some are agitated and passionate in varying degrees but Riva distinguishes this as expected manifestation in the face of perceived adversity.  Almost Everyone spoke or thought about their imperfections in an imperfect world although human characteristics are marvellously colourful, diverse and shaded or shade ‘y’.  We as Telepaths enjoy the challenge of this phenomenon.  Since We can only speak the truth, We are psychologically compelled by shades and nuances.

We have dutifully noted that Almost Everyone is tunnelling their way through the wisps of layers and veils, and unravelling current and past deception and promise from achievable truth and reachable gain.  They present a countervailing combative but overtly peaceful presence and power. And they have stated with clarity to us that they “will not go away” in their endeavours. Almost Everyone perceives it is now almost time.  But the reference to time and ‘time for what’ is not always fully dressed or fleshed out in some of their thinking.  However, the free-cogs are gathering force and impetus.  Small parties of free-cogs have wandered into pre-cog territories.  They are seeing similarities and seeking compromise between their world views and their disparate but unifying connections.  We could not help but observe an acceleration of and advancement of enlightened discourse and cohesive rationalisation.  As Telepaths, We only tell the truth.  Riva has repeated to us his caution.  They envision a new way.  Build it and they will not come since they too are the builders of their own destinies.  They like you can fashion their own design.  Ultimately, they seek the truth in the world in which they engage in.  Essentially, they are finding this alternative truth to Minority Rule.  They seek the truth.  It is time for you to mind yours.  Almost Everyone believes that time is on their side.

The summary continues for another hour.  It has been a long trek and emotional evocation of events and experiences for the Telepaths and they are displaying symptoms of psychological weariness.  

When they leave, the Captain sits back in his chair.  His mind mulls over the latest update of the Majority Report.  Nothing really here to concern him.  The usual double, double toil and trouble from the return of the Telepaths with some minor adjustments from the Majority Report. Innadaze snuggles back into the comfort of the self-made patterns of his preferred and pre-ordained complacency.  As Telepaths, We only tell the truth…  Riva has repeated…  The free-cogs are gathering force and impetus…  Nothing to concern hi…  

Innadaze’s mind  mixes and merges more completely into the Milky Way dreaminess of The Starstruck Enterprise and the thought patterns of the fully-fledged reptilian Klingons.  The words of some ancient atavistic memories meander in and out of his revering:

The sun is behind me,

nothing has changed since I began,

my eye has permitted no change,

I am going to keep things like this.


The Majority Report raises no concern for Innadaze.  He decides he will read the document in full tomorrow.  And then he will decisively send it on to his investigative team who will run through the list of appropriate delegation and decisively send it on to all concerned.  [Additionally gleaned from the content of a compendium of leadership and management YouTube videos and blogs.]

For it is night-time on the Starstruck Enterprise and Captain Innadaze Endadaze Kenny in the comfort of his ivory induced and decorated Calypso is tiring and incoherently is drifting into sensuous slumber.

Back on Terra Éire, the breezes gently tremble.


For the world is a stage and the curtain is falling.