The Launch Of The Louth Land League

louth land league

There are not groups or organisations I ever give my true support to, however tomorrow the 17th of January the Louth Land League will be launched in the Westcourt Hotel. I get behind this group 100%.

If ever a group was needed in Ireland at this moment in time it is the National Land League. It consists of a group of voluntary dedicated people who’s only aim is to keep families who are facing eviction (50,000 repossession orders are to be processed this year) in their homes.

I tip my hat to these people, they are standing up for citizens where the government is failing miserably to protect the sovereign people of Ireland.

You are all cordially invited to the launch of the Louth Land League. The Louth Land League is affiliated to the National Land League of Ireland and is dedicated to protecting homes, farms and small businesses from possession or receivership by the banks. We provide free advice and support and pro-actively campaign and agitate against evictions. Come along and hear what we are about and maybe even get involved. There is no better cause than keeping families in their homes.