By Séamas Ó Muilleaneoir

The Irish people are totally governed by an all powerful banking cartel, led in Europe by Goldman Sacks, designed in the City, executed by the ECB.

The Lisbon treaty provided for this situation, where not one or even all of the EU nations can override the unelected ECB. The EU has been from the very outset, a CIA project to put control of the nations of Europe under the control of a handful of people, effectively muppettes for their masters .

The Anglo American Roman Empire rules Europe through the ECB. Mario Dragi’s dictate for the ECB to vet private members bills going before the dáil, was to be expected; . TTIP and TISA were planned to be a final over-coating of the serfdom of European nations. The final phase of the AFRICANISATION OF EUROPE started , when , the American financial powerhouses, saved itself by dumping on Europe, a banking disaster which they had effectively manufactured.

However, this action by Dragi and his mentors, is the final deletion of any sense of Irish sovereignty. If the Dáil business committee,and the Dáil accede to this demand by Dragi, then I am calling on all independents, to make this matter an election issue at the first opportunity. The monster DRAGION needs to be slain. The fact that NATO and the EU are closer than ever, and seem preoccupied with stoking war with Russia, should alert every man woman and child. The 200 year plan is being fully executed. Most commercial banks across Europe are effectively busted. Europe is in planned turmoil, effectively so by the manipulation of unseen heads.

The Middle Eastern mayhem was engineered as a stepping stone towards the final Africanisation of Europe. With unlimited refugees being driven northwards into Europe the mayhem will grow indefinitely. Who will join this appeal to all independent TDs to show their colours in the interests of the sovereign people of Ireland;

‘’I appeal to them to object to this amendment to standing orders, as being discussed by the business committee.’’

Ireland’s commercial banking industry, including the IFSC, facilitated by the CBOI and the ECB, engineered the property bubble. Rather than fix the core problems, Irish people have been forced to prop up and rebuild the same failed entities. This has to change. This demand from the ECB should bring all Irish people to the streets.