The Landsdowne Riots


By Robbie Dunn
20 years ago I wrote this song have a read of the lyrics and see how true they are today its amazing. I was there with my son it was terrifing trying to get out. Ireland are playing England next Sunday in a friendly.
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As I look around my city I see that crime is out of hand
And the Gardaí are so busy playing in their marching band
Inciting riots in Lansdowne Road
Playing God Save the Queen
While the fascist scum they destroy my young boy’s dream.
Now the Ma and Da they’re terrified to open their front door
There’s a palpitating fear I’ve never felt before
Steel shutters on our shop fronts steel shutters on our minds
My Dublin city is under siege from the godfathers of crime.
And the Garda band were busy playing God Save the Queen
While the fascist scum they destroy my young boy’s dream.
We send our monies overseas to exorcise our guilt
While our children die by the roadside
In squalor and in filth
And we clap ourselves on the back for a job well done
While a mother cries as her son dies
From a fiend called heroin
Our Mary’s in the Phoenix Park the keeper of the light
Like her Alpha Romeo she keeps it shining bright
And she talks of the Diaspora
And feels sorry for their plight
But with a mansion down in Mayo she’s doing all right.
Politicians are just frantic fixing jobs for the boys and girls
With their junkets and receptions life is one big social whirl
But when the ball is over and the last tune has been played
I can hear the bold James Connolly groaning from the grave.
© 1995 all rights reserved Robbie Dunn c/o Irish Entertainment Brisbane Australia