The Labour Party will try to distance themselves from Jobstown debacle now



BY P J O Toole

The Labour Party put out a statement earlier saying, “We note the verdict of the jury announced earlier today.”

What they DID NOT go on to do was APOLOGISE unreservedly for their shameful and disgusting role in this whole farcical show trial.

Joan Burton and the whole Labour team were out of the traps instantly to condemn the protest in 2014. They bear significant, if not most of the responsibility for the massive campaign of vilification and demonisation of the protesters and the whole Jobstown community.

They celebrated the scandalous verdict of the 17 year-old who was convicted of the same trumped-up charges, based on the same “evidence”, that a jury unanimously recognised to be FALSE.

The Labour Party will try to distance themselves from this debacle now, but we should take every opportunity to remind people of which side of the class divide the Labour Party — founded by Connolly and Larkin — are now decidedly on