The Irish Prevails ! I say ‘vive la différence’ what say you ?


By  Vin Sunday

While reading up on the structure and the way ‘Irish Courts’ interpret the 1937 Constitution I discovered many anomalies. The first anomaly which started me on this path, was pointed out to me by Harry from He simply pointed to the wording of ARTICLE 41.1.1 and then he displayed the Direct literal translation from the ‘Governments Publication office‘  Which was so blatantly different I was stunned.
How could this be?

Below I have inserted images of the divergent texts so you can see for yourself.

You can Download a condensed version here

pir 1

I will focus on the Last two words ‘Positive Law’ V ‘Human Statute’. Firstly many reading this may not see why this is so important. To spell it out in Clear simple English. The Family (which according to the ‘Courts‘  is only a Married couple and their children) holds invincible rights that no Legislation can do away with.

Think about the following from the perspective of a Parent that would rather not Vaccinate, or wishes to Home school. Think about the restrictions that the Legislation attempts to place upon you and your Family that you may not wish to adopt with regard to the P.P.S number request for the POD where information is requested and will be retained until your son or daughter is 30 years of age.

There are many more considerations of course. Some where you will perhaps want to avail of and others you will not. Now you have a datum line to begin from.

Has this been challenged in an ‘Irish Court’ I hear you say. Yes is the answer, over the last few years there have been quite a few people that have attempted to bring this issue to the attention of the ‘Court’ with varying results. I say varying results as sometimes this issue was successfully ‘Shifted’ elsewhere and the ‘Court’ managed to resolve the issue for the Family without having to get into this aspect. The courts it seems are reticent to do so, and I think it’s clear from the following text taken from ‘Constitutional Law- second edition-By: Michael Forde’

pir 2

So it seems the ‘Courts‘ wish is to ‘Reconcile‘ but is that possible. Another example is of course  ARTICLE 40.5  Where only ‘Law‘ is mentioned and not ‘Positive Law‘ so whats the difference ?

pir 3

To discover more on this very important topic yourself please download from the following link…. Just click the image and if you want you can save a copy to your computer for further research.
This was available to purchase at one stage , however it has been removed form print. ( I wonder why)


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