The illegality of the Banking institutions in Ireland

Banking fraud

By Tom Darcy

1. You cannot sell the same car hundreds of times (your bank did that with your loan, its called securitisation) and then claim they sustained loss from you!!

2. You cannot write a cheque for €100 million if you have No money, that’s called fraud your bank done exactly that,) that’s called insolvent.)

3. You cannot drive a car without a current valid licence( your bank done that, they operated contrary to Irish Statutory Law)

4. You cannot drive your car without Valid Insurance. ( your bank operated without Insurance contrary to Irish Statutory law

5. You cannot seek damages for loss if you have not sustained a loss. ( your bank is )

6. Your Bank securitised your loan, they made millions of euros and when their criminal actions caused this financial genocide, those securitised loans were paid by taxpayers in different countries and again by Irish the taxpayers for the same loans.

7. Our Irish Banks broke countless Statue Laws of this country, yet NO politician or member of the Irish media has identified one word of above points. Why is that?

8. Mc Cracken tribunal stated collusion between Banks and local authorities, their grip on planning forced up the cost of houses so the banks could make billions, The Banks caused the financial disaster through their criminal actions causing you to lose your job, they and complicit governments are guilty for your pain, your loss, your families loss

This Nations tolerance and passive acceptance against corrupt Bankers, politicians and corrupt media is extraordinary. As each and every one of you accept future cuts and higher taxation with more stealth taxes and more jobs loses, with more loved ones taking their lives. Will you say “it’s got nothing to do with me?” or will you on reading this send it across the world ? post please post, post for every person who took their life, for every child in this country who suffers, for every mother who cries silently, for every father who lost his family.

You are all victims.