The HSE isn’t USELESS it’s deliberately so.

Hospital beds

The HSE has got to go before it completely destroys every credible service provided to the public while putting people’s health and lives at risk.

The HSE is a perfect example of a system set up to dismantle the public service of health by deliberately tying it up in bureaucracy and starving it of funding. By doing this it causes untold suffering to patients and services while paving the way for private operators, clinics and hospitals, to move in and supply the same services that the Public Health Service is destroying.

No system which is incompetent as the HSE should be allowed to continue to put peoples health at risk without serious repercussions. The HSE isn’t USELESS it’s deliberately so.

The privatisation of our health care system is well and truly on the way. The universal health insurance, is the next step in the privatisation plan, Its very existence will allow third party private operators enjoy non optional payments from a scheme set up with public funds which were supposed to provide cover for our public health system.

Once most services are covered by these third party private providers, the remaining public service hospitals will be classed as not fit for purpose, sold off or shut down.

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