The hatred I feel for our government


By Paul Flynn

Sometimes I feel there must be something wrong with me, because I actually felt violated and sick when they installed a meter at my house. I thought, am I over reacting? I can’t help how I feel though. So, it was kind of comforting for me to read this mans post and his use of the word ‘hatred’. Maybe my feelings are not so extreme. The thing that makes me happy in all this, is knowing there are others out there, that are standing up for our children’s future and the future of our country, as people of Ireland did in the past.

I was 51 years old yesterday. As I think about it its quite an age. I don’t feel 51 years old or anything like it. Maybe its because of my occupation which often has me working with younger and even much younger people. Politically I am a socialist.

I believe strongly in equal rights for the world’s people. It may seem a bit of a cliche but its how I’ve always felt. I have known tough times financially growing up and have also seen good times later on too. I’ve never been afraid to work and enjoy what I do for a living. In fact I consider myself privileged to be able to earn a living doing what I love, i.e, working in music. I do not in any way condone violent acts and feel that the best way to express views is through dialogue.

Irish issues regarding the north of our Island have never concerned me much as I was born and reared in Dublin and rarely came into contact with conflict between the Irish and British. The horrific stories of violence of both sides of the Northern Conflict have always sickened me and I never understood how people could hate each other so much simply because of opposing views.

I also have had little experience of racism as it is less of an issue in Ireland (I’m not saying it doesn’t exist) and what I do know of it has never made any sense of me. We live in a world of variety. I have always loved this about the world’s people. I have been lucky enough to travel a great deal and the most wonderful thing about this for me has been hanging out and exchanging views with so many people from so many different cultures. I can remember hanging in a bar just off the Champs De Elysee in Paris drinking and exchanging political opinions with people from many countries in the world. The conversation was electrifying and educational. It was one of many I was lucky enough to be able to take part in.

In all my time on this Earth I have never felt the hatred I feel for our present Irish Government for forcing water charges on a people who so obviously don’t want them. I cannot put into words how sick to the stomach I am watching Farrans put in O’Brien’s water meters into my green suburban estate and not one person doing anything about it. Where the working class of Ballybrack and other parts of Shankill have stopped the fitting of these unwanted devices that turn our water into a commodity for privatization the middle class sheep in my estate do nothing.
My lesson throughout all this? I get it. I understand the frustration people feel when something is forced upon them by a government that cares nothing for its citizens, whose only interest is robbing from the poor to give to the rich.I don’t condone the actions in Jobstown where the anger of the people got somewhat out of hand but I understand it. What I don’t understand is why it took a gang of Gardai to bring prominent anti water charges protesters like Paul Murphy (An elected TD) for questioning? Why didn’t they just ask him to come in? Hes a well known public figure. He could hardly hide and wasn’t likely to go on the run? Democracy no longer rules in Ireland. The state is now under An extreme right wing Fascist like party who uses our police force, who should be protectors of the people, as a private security firm for Denis O’Brien and a group of Nazi stormtroopers for our so called government. Such a disgrace….Such a sad sad disgrace…

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