The Greeks have awoken!


By Luke Ming Flanagan

Congratulations to the people’s of Greece for ignoring the right wing media who attempted to bully them into submission. The election of Syriza strikes a blow for democracy around the European Union. It gives hope to those who believe there is another way for Europe. A union that puts people before the bankers.

When elected to the European Parliament I was criticised for joining the left wing alliance of GUE/NGL. I was told it was the fringe and that we would be sidelined. We now have within our grouping the government of Greece. If opinion polls are correct then before the year is over we will also have the government of Spain. There is also great possibilities for members from other countries within our group including Portugal and of course ourselves here in Ireland. Far from being the fringe we are steadily moving towards what will, I believe, become the norm in European politics.

The question is will the voters in Ireland baulk when it comes to over throwing a regime that has deliberately divided society in order to carry out its austerity agenda. Will the Denis Ó’ Brien propaganda machine succeed in scaring people into submission? In a country which can feed ten times it’s own population where the same population are highly educated the question must be asked what the hell have we to be afraid of? It’s time we threw off the inferior philosophy of post colonial subservience and got off our knees. Either we do it soon or we will be forever knitted into the fabric of a union that is nothing more than a German superstate. Time to jump. Greece has just made that leap a little bit easier.