The Golden Circle continues…?


So we hear, today, that a man (Paul Haughey) in Monahan, caught according to Gardai “red handed” in a diesel laundering operation in 2011, costing the state an estimated €9,000,000 a YEAR, was let off.

Mr Haughey has a three-year contract with Dublin City Council to install water meters.

Mr Haughey, 35, was charged last year with “removing or attempting to remove a prescribed marker from a mineral oil without the consent of the Revenue Commissioners” on September 1, 2011.

“A garda alleged at his bail hearing that Mr Haughey, of Dundrum Road, Tassagh, Co Armagh was caught “red-handed” standing on a tanker containing 30,000 litres of diesel, with a potential loss to the exchequer of €15,000. In a related search that day 110,000 litres of diesel was found in a yard, representing a potential €55,000 loss to the State. Gardaí­ alleged the yard had a capacity to produce 18 million litres of fuel per annum, with a total possible loss to the exchequer of €9 million.”

“Judge Patricia Ryan agreed to strike out the charge and adjourned the matter until April 24th next, when an application for costs will be heard. No reason was given for the strike-out.”


Yes that’s right, the judge struck the case out. The reason? Well, there was no reason. Not given, anyway. “Nothing to see here”….so in a time when decent citizens are jailed for standing up for their rights, when families are evicted from their homes to make banks richer, when laws are created to enable the theft by the state of people’s money for new makey uppy taxes (the “property tax”), WHO is this judge you may ask??

Well in this pic, between “good aul Bertie the meister”, and Brian Lenihan RIP, is Brian’s widow, Patricia Ryan. Who is a judge. Yes, THIS judge. And they wonder why the people of Ireland tell the International corruption survey overwhelmingly that Corruption is a major problem in Ireland. 86%, of the Irish citizens surveyed by the regular pollster, said so. And when we see things like this, you can see why.

Oh and it gets EVEN better- this alleged gangster has the contract to install water meters in Dublin for the next three years. Some company director, huh? It just gets better.