problems and solutions

By Iain Grant Wright

People are obsessed with everything being a conspiracy, a hoax, or a. “False flag” these days, from 9/11 to the financial crash but the truth is, if you want to manipulate public opinion you really don’t need to bother orchestrating elaborate events. You just need to be clever at exploiting the events that occur and fanning the flames where necessary.

The fact is, you don’t need to do that much if you have power, it’s easy to exploit any events through the media to make ppl so fearful, they will trust you, the leader, to provide the solution.

Let me explain the trusted “fake problem and solution” con as it has been used by advertising companies for decades. if a company wants to sell you its product, it usually invents a problem that you may have which requires that you purchase the product to solve the problem you didn’t have in the first place! The “problem” needs to have fear or dread associated with it such as teenage acne, wrinkles etc. “did you know you X is a danger to you ! so you must buy our product Y to be safe and happy again.

For example, The tummy imbalance you need probiotic (friendly bacteria) for even though your tummy was ok in the first place, the pillow that now has an expiry date stamp where they tell you when to replace it even though there is nothing wrong with it, weight loss pills for ppl who are not overweight (but have been convinced they are), ageing remedies FOR YONG PPL! Viagra for men in their 20s. Depression medication to treat slight anxiety. This is so old in advertising it’s hard to think governments do the same now and nobody notices.

You are being convinced of a FAKE PROBLEM so you then accept the FAKE SOLUTION to suit the current agenda.

ok, do I need to spell it out?

Fake problem: Middle East needs us to “assist with internal conflicts”
Real problem : Arab world has too much oil & potential money/power

Solution: Russia arms one half of the Arabs and USA arm the other half and stir up as much trouble as possible. USA even train bin laden, arm him and subsidise him to fight the Russian armed Arabs (1980s) and then use him as a patsy and kill him later.

Fake Problem:Weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. They are gong to attack us!
Real Problem: They did not agree with the rest of OPEC to change all their oil trading to be tied to the US dollar. This dictator refuses to play game.

Solution:we invade Iraq despite them having no WMD or any connection to Al Qaeda. we kill 1 million women and children.

Fake Problem: Terrorism, Al Qaeda again, no really, honest.
Agenda : they want less civil rights, more power.
Solution: we must accept new laws to compromise our own freedom and civil liberties and we still take our shoes off at airports even though the “shoe bomber” that sparked it all off turned out to be not a real thing.

Fake problem: After 50 years in power Gadaffi is suddenly a dangerous dictator.
Agenda : He wants to create a single Arabic/African currency based on gold standard 10 times value of Fort Knox ( called the gold denar. Seriously, he had 2 summits on the subject and his plan was taken seriously).
Solution: We give $1 billion “aid” to the rebels to kill him, who turnout to be….you guessed it, the “good guys” in this scenario were Al Qaeda! FFS!

Fake problem : Financial crash
Agenda : need to move more money/power to elite.
solution:we need to accept austerity and poverty while the rich get richer and the rich minority having all the control in a complete authoritarian society; The richest 85 ppl in the world now have more wealth than 3.5 BILLION PPL. FFS!

Fake problem: Ebola
Agenda : require move to isolationist mentality.
Solution: we must accept closing of borders and fear of outsiders and immigrants; also, the general feeling of threat will make us more compliant.

Fake problem : another terrorist group ISIL – a flame fanned by the USA
Solution : we need to prepare to invade another country that is not trading their oil in USDolars. Saudi Arabia beheads far more Christians, why don’t we hate them? Of course Saudi Arabia have been our allays when we invaded Iraq twice so that’s ok, let’s fan the flames of Syrian ISIL terrorism and give them an international voice. Don’t worry, we will use them as a patsy then a mercenary just like we did with Al Qaeda!

Problem : Sony hacked by ??? North Korea
Solution : there’s another country doing the same oil thing, let’s target them too

Problem : Russia are bad ppl
Solution : there’s another country doing the oil thing we don’t like, not selling it in USD, let’s impose world trade sanctions against them and also cause the oil price to fall to hit them all;

Problem: Iran is Evil too, and you guess it, they are working on weapons of mass destruction! And they are going to attack us !
Solution: We must invade another oil rich country who don’t trade oil using USD (and have international trading sanctions against them of course)

I must stop there, I am losing my will to live. Isn’t this obvious, you don’t need conspiracy theories, the reality of the “fake problem to get you to support a fake solution” con is enough.