The Destruction of Irish Water is near, but what next.



It is looking all the more likely that Irish Water will cease to exist very soon but does that mean the job is done. IW is only a very small part of a huge problem we as the people of Ireland are facing, bondholder and odious debt, rampant cronyism, homelessness, hungry children, evictions, suicides, outrageous corruption, the plundering of our country costing BILLIONS yearly etc, etc. I fear a lot of people will feel content at having brought down IW but we cannot stop there, we MUST continue until we reclaim this country from the traitors in Government and their masters in Europe. We are in a terrible state and the media keep lying to us saying we are on the way out of recession, that is pure bullshit but most people feel optimism because the media tell them to. We really need to rid this country of the main political parties and this will require extreme bravery, once again because the media have us thinking there are no alternatives. The power has got to be reclaimed by the people and following the recent on-goings in Greece, this is a huge task, are we up for it?? I don’t know but if we are to leave any semblance of a decent future for our kids, we absolutely must rise to the challenge. We the people have the power, but only if we realise it and act accordingly, we really need to unite to reclaim our country and start to live again, not face constant fear on a daily basis and wondering what the future holds. IW will be gone but our country still needs saving, ONLY WE THE PEOPLE CAN DO IT.

“For the love of one’s country, is a terrible thing”