The democratic centre needs to combat populist lies


By The Dissident Drum


“At an economic level, the last 12 months have been the best 12 months for the country since 2008. ”
This alone shows the total delusion that pervades the political minds of our government members. In 2008 the financial system crashed, causing massive credit problems for (small) businesses. But those businesses were still operating … people were still in employment … the crisis looked like causing some required adjustment in personal spending … but that’s all!

Since 2008 we have had an increase in taxation through USC, Property Tax and massive spending reduction … with exchequer revenues now going to finance 42% of the entire Euro banking failure. Unemployment and emigration have exploded. Families are being unceremoniously dragged from their homes and left on the street with no protection from the state. Our corporate-owned political class have exposed their corruption in the likes of the Seanad scandals, the Garda bugging and penalty points scandals, the money-orgy culture of bonuses, the setup of a totally unnecessary quango, the greed and inhumanity of the REHAB charity scandal, the destruction of critical public services like school SNAs, hospital beds, the increase in homelessness and the number being driven into abject poverty by taxation and public service cuts.

By ANY measure, Ireland is in a phenomenally worse state in 2014/15 than it was in 2008. Someone just today made the excellent comment on facebook that the government are cracking open the champagne on excheqeur receipts that are more than € 500 million higher than projected while the HSE which was asking for € 100 million and only got € 25 million is in a state of near collapse.

Hayes sits in comfortable smugness at his desk in Brussels and plays politics while his country (well it’s not his country anymore cos I’m officially disavowing him on behalf of Ireland), his country is on the brink of total disintegration.

Politicians continue with the myth that they actually have power. The only power they have is to dip in and out of your pay packet when it suits them.

Politicians DO NOT create jobs .. apart from the positions they fill through cronyism. We only hear about 200 jobs being created here and 300 jobs there because these numbers are more impressive than someone starting their own self employed business or starting a small company with two or three staff. The big number jobs are the politicians pandering to large finance backed corporations who, as we know from the history of the IDA, are only setting up in Ireland due a brown envelope culture that still continues today (usually bringing jobs to whatever constituency the relevant Minister represents) and for the benefits of a tax system that allows them to take money out of Ireland with impunity. If government could create jobs … it stands to reason that government could STOP JOB LOSSES …. that’s how fucked up this thinking is.

They DO NOT influence economics … that is the sole domain of the money suppliers … the ECB and IMF.

They DO NOT control inflation and deflation … that is the domain of the financial markets.

They DO NOT even set social and economic policy in their oen country … that is done by Brussels and Frankfurt.

Our politicians are HOSTAGES to the EU, ECB and IMF and in their need to be loved they have been subservient sycophants to European control. Stockholm Syndrome should be renamed Leinster House Syndrome.

“Countries that cannot understand their past generally make the same mistake over and over again”. And this from a fool who refuses to realise that the same structures, institutions, players, corruption, lack of regulation, systems and even conditions exist TODAY that existed in the run up to the 2008 crash. Nothing has changed and history will absolutely repeat itself.

Hayes’s arguments are that of a Euro-sycophant hostage.

“Without the money we got from Europe, we would have to balance our books in one year with a cataclysmic effect on our society.” …and our country ISN’T suffering the cataclysmic effect of austerity?? And won’t recover from this cataclysmic effect not just in one year but in TWO OR THREE GENERATIONS??!!

And Hayes, like every other politician in this country refuses to mention the “I”-word. Iceland.

“Fairy tales are for children.” …. Mr Hayes … PLEASE GROW UP!